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ITV will air the third iteration of Big Brother in the UK when the social experiment returns.

The reality format sees a group of people live together in isolation away from the world in a dedicated house.

Every week, the housemates have to complete tasks set by Big Brother to win their shopping budget for food and other essentials.

Some of the challenges have stayed in viewers' memories and in honour of the show's return, we are looking back at some of the most iconic moments.

Rich and Poor

The third series of Big Brother aired in 2002 and featured iconic housemates including Alison Hammond, Adele Roberts, Kate Lawler and the late Jade Goody.

It was the first to air from Elstree Studios after the move from 3 Mill Studios in Bow.


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On day 16, in what was to be one of the biggest twists in history, the house was divided into a "rich" side and a "poor" side.

Housemates who lived on the poor side of the house had to live on basic rations, use a minimalist kitchen, and could only use the outside toilet and shower.

When the bars were first revealed to the housemates Kate immediately attempted to hug Jade through the bars as the latter contestant shrieked about looking after the chickens.

Boogie Nights

In the same year, who can forget the infamous Boogie Nights challenge.

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Whenever the buzzer sounded on Day 53, housemates had three minutes to put on padding and roller skates to get to the floor of the converted second bedroom.

If a housemate failed to make it to the roller disco in time, it was a "no show" strike, and if they got three, the group would fail the task.

In hilarious scenes Tim Culley got into a heated argument with Big Brother in the diary room over his inability to complete the task due to his contact lenses … "Comprendez?"

The Wedding Task

Fast forward two years to the iconic Wedding Task in Big Brother season five in 2004.

The housemates were simply tasked with pulling off traditional events of a wedding ceremony.

Shell Jubin and Victor Ebuwa were the bride and groom, Nádia Almada was the bridesmaid and Daniel Bryan was the best man.

Michelle Bass was tasked with singing Pie Jesu, however far from the traditional operatic rendition, she opted for a R&B remix.

To top it all off, the bride labelled the groom a "c**t" in a huge screaming match in the evening.

It's safe to say, the housemates miserably failed the task.

These moments were so iconic, elements of the task were repeated in future series.

Box Life

It was simple, but totally effective as the housemates of Big Brother series six simply had to sit inside cardboard boxes for as long as possible.

The winner would receive luxury meals as well as an unlimited supply of wine for the following week.

However as the housemates got competitive, viewers were treated to hilarious scenes as all they saw was pictures of the housemates on the outside of the boxes combined with their voices.

Big Brother had to step in and call the challenge a tie with Anthony Hutton, Derek Laud, and Roberto Conte all declared winners as the task had been going longer than 26 hours.

It was so legendary the producers have never dared to repeat anything like it.

Who could ever forget the time that Kemal Shahin stuck the toilet brush into Roberto's box or Sam's "private time" in her own. Classic.

Electric Shockers

In series nine in 2008, housemates had to guide a curved wand around a wire that was woven around the house.

However every time the wand hit the wire, all of the group were given electric shocks.

After two hours the housemates failed the task as they ran out of time, having already incurred two fails because Alexandra De-Gale and Sylvia Barrie took off their costumes.

Famous tasks were recreated for the last ever series to air on Channel 4 in Ultimate Big Brother and viewers were delighted to see the return of nostalgic moments.

On day seven, each housemate had to complete a task – and Chantelle Houghton and Nikki Grahame were given the shock task.

The neon suits returned for Celebrity Big Brother in 2013 on Channel 5 where the likes of Rylan Clark, Claire Richards, Razor Ruddock, Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt all felt the shockwaves.

Ignoring the Obvious

In 2010, for their seventh weekly shopping task, the housemates had to keep calm and carry on in Ignore The Obvious.

Several huge distractions were sent into the house including a brass band, an estate agent showing around potential buyers, strolling tourists snapping pictures and even a performance from Jedward.

But viewers went mad as the legendary voice over artist Marcus Bentley made a physical appearance.

The presenter conducted his narrations from within the house itself to try and cause havoc.

Although it provided hilarious watching, the housemates still passed their shopping task.

For Whom the Bell Tolls

In a similar twist in 2014, housemates were tasked with ignoring distractions that came into the house after a bell rang.

These came in the form of family, friends, and even former housemates to whip up trouble.

Luisa Zissman burst into tears as her mother entered the house and compared Jim Davidson to her own father, Sam Faiers received a visit from her mum after falling ill.

But the best scenes for the show – now airing on Channel 5 – included a highly-publicised love triangle between Casey Batchelor, Jasmine Waltz and Lee Ryan.

After her eviction Casey attempted to lay it on thick with Lee and continued to seemingly badmouth Jasmine.

However the US media personality got her revenge when she fronted Casey as part of the challenge and she got into a blazing row with the Blue singer.

Casey's mum entered the house, but she wasted no time in telling her daughter to keep away from Lee who "mugged you off!"

Before the result of the task was revealed, Emma Willis entered the house for a surprise eviction where she took Lee out of the side door.

The Press Conference

The seventeenth series of Celebrity Big Brother in 2016 is widely regarded to be one of the best ever instalments.

In between Megan McKenna kicking off in the diary room, Gemma Collins' diva moments and the unfortunate "David's Dead" saga, viewers were not short of drama.

However the remaining housemates were forced to partake in a mock "press conference" moderated by Vanessa Feltz.

The group also faced former housemates, journalists and angry viewers from Big Brother's Bit On The Side.


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In tense scenes, Darren Day was devastated after he was called a "nonentity" and the group confronted John Partridge after he appeared to like "turning housemates against each other".

It's just a shame that Gemma was already evicted!

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