Bradley Walsh leaves Chaser Anne Hegerty red-faced with racy quip on The Chase

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Bradley Walsh left Anne 'The Governess' Hegerty cringing at the panel on Tuesday's episode of The Chase after he made a crude joke about his private parts.

Presenter Bradley is already known for his tendency to go off-script during the ITV quiz show, but it seems his latest joke – about his private parts – went a little too far for his chaser Anne 'The Governess' Hegerty.

During the episode, 30-year-old Dean, a graphic designer from Bradford, was the first contestant to face the music and he was halfway through facing The Beast after making an impressive start and banking £5,000 for his team.

However, things took an unexpected turn when Bradley and his hopeful player were faced with a question about 'pollex' – which sounds very similar to one rude word in particular – and naturally Bradley was quick to take advantage of the situation and make a very rude joke indeed.

The question read: "Which of these body parts would you put in a glove?", and the three possible answers were either Coccyx (A), Hallux (B) or Pollex (C).

Very cheekily, Bradley proceeded to say: "To be fair I've often had my 'pollex' in a glove", before looking deadpan at the camera and adding: "Keeps them lovely and warm".

But Chaser Anne wasn't having any of it and shot him a disapproving look and blinked as if to ignore her host, before the studio burst out in laughter at Bradley's typically saucy on-air antics.

ITV viewers on social media couldn't help but get involved with Bradley's crude banter, and some took to Twitter to make their own 'pollex' jokes.

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One user tweeted: "Anne and Brad are talking pollex…"

A second fan wrote: "What a load of old Pollex!"

Despite a brilliant run by Dean and his fellow teammates – which included business owner Rebecca, housewife Heather and taxi driver Arshad – his squad were clipped at the last moments by The Governess with only 4 seconds on the clock.

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The four had put together a brilliant run and had acquired a stack of £53,000 but unfortunately they missed out on the cash prize right at the final chase.

Although she was pleased to have got the win and chased down the contestants, the Governess herself admitted that they were a "good team" and that they "work well together".

Bradley also said that it was a "thrilling finish" with just four seconds to go.

The Chase continues at 5pm on ITV every week day.

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