Carrie Bradshaw's 'Sex and the City' Reboot Frugal Dress Isn't Impressing Fans

Sex and the City fans have a lot to be excited about, with the production of the famed show’s reboot, And Just Like That…. well underway. While details on the plot remain vague, many of the show’s original celebrity cast members are returning to reprise their Sex and the City roles — and for many fans, the chance to see the iconic fashionistas step out in a variety of designer fashions is enough of a draw to keep them glued to any new photos that leak from the set. Recently, however, a photo of Sarah Jessica Parker in costume as Carrie Bradshaw has some fans concerned that the fashion featured in the reboot won’t exactly be what they are expecting. 

‘And Just Like That…’ is coming soon to HBO Max

In early 2021, HBO showrunners announced that a Sex and the City reboot, titled And Just Like That… would be heading to HBO Max sometime in late 2021. Original stars Sarah Jessica Parker, Kristin Davis, Cynthia Nixon, and Chris Noth will all be returning to reprise their roles, along with a slew of other fan-favorite performers who made a splash in Sex in the City

So far, most of the show’s plot points remain under wraps, although fans are speculating furiously about whether Carrie and Big will still be married — and whether Big himself will survive the series. One of the most eagerly anticipated aspects of the show, however, is the fashion. 

Carrie Bradshaw is known as a major fashion icon

From the moment that Sex and the City debuted on HBO in 1998, viewers were treated to a variety of the very best fashion moments to have ever graced television. Carrie Bradshaw, as played by Sarah Jessica Parker, was often seen rocking unexpected outfit combinations that for many redefined the idea of street style. From a ballerina’s tutu paired with a chic bodysuit to a “newspaper” dress made from sleek, shiny material, Carrie’s ultra-expensive, designer clothes became a big focal point of Sex and the City

In fact, it is primarily due to the overwhelming success of the fashion featured on Sex and the City that Parker herself has become a noteworthy style icon, releasing a specialty shoe line as well as clothing launches and fragrances. As much as fans love Parker and Carrie’s style, however, some recent photos from the set of And Just Like That… has fans concerned that Carrie isn’t the fashionista that she once was. 

Fans don’t love Carrie Bradshaw’s Forever 21 dress

As reported by PageSix, a photo taken from the set of And Just Like That… shows Parker in character as Carrie — wearing what appears to be a dress from the fast-fashion brand Forever 21. The paisley-printed maxidress worn by Parker immediately sent fans into a frenzy online, with one fan commenting on Instagram “Oh I’m hating these outfits it’s not even near the league it was before.” Another critic of the look wrote, “Carrie would NEVER.”

Many pointed to the fact that the original show’s costume designer, Patricia Fields, is not on board for the reboot and therefore the fashion could take a hit. Still, a few fans appreciated the look, with one noting that “It is definitely so Carrie to pair a $7 dress with $400 heels.” Ultimately, while the behind-the-scenes snaps can offer a few glimpses into the production, it will be up to the entire team to unveil a show that features fashion, fun, and female friendship in a way that pays homage to Sex and the City

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