Chloe Fineman DMd with Anna Delvey and Sent Her Money for Art She Still Hasnt Received

Anna Delvey may have invented one more high-profile dupe.

The subject of Netflix’s “Inventing Anna” series reached out to “Saturday Night Live” star Chloe Fineman after her “SNL” impression of convicted con artist Delvey went viral. Delvey, who remotely hosted an art show titled “Allegedly” at the Public Hotel in NYC in May of this year, drew a sketch of Fineman portraying her on “SNL.” Of course, Fineman felt like she had to buy it.

“She, on Instagram, made a sketch in ICE. She’s in holding. She’s creative,” the “Father of the Bride” actress said on The View. “I was on the plane, I had, like, plane wifi coming back from Miami, and I see this and my friend’s like, ‘You have to buy it, $250.’ But I was like, ‘OK, I’ll get it as a gift.’”

Fineman continued, “I guess I had posted about it and then I was DM’ing with Anna Delvey. And she was like, ‘I can give you one for free, what’s your address?.’ She knows my apartment number.”

The only catch?

“It hasn’t arrived yet!” Fineman confirmed, even after she wired Delvey money through PayPal to pay for the artwork.

IndieWire has reached out to Delvey’s representatives for comment.

While Fineman does a spot-on impression of Delvey, it was “Ozark” alum Julia Garner who fully transformed into the “grifter princess” of NYC for the Shonda Rhimes-produced Netflix series. Delvey passed herself off as a fake German heiress to gain access (and bank information) to the wealthy Manhattan elite. Delvey was found guilty on eight charges of fraud and grand larceny in 2019. Actress Garner actually spoke with Delvey to get her approval on her complex, infamous accent.

“I was like, ‘What is her accent?’ I didn’t even know what her accent was,” Garner exclusively told IndieWire. “It’s a hybrid of different accents. This is a girl who said that she was German, and people believed it, but she actually was born in Russia, so she’s not going to have a Russian accent. And then she probably learned English in the British way because she’s European [and] they don’t learn American English.”

Garner continued, “The thing that I noticed with foreigners is that when they let their walls down — either they get excited or they get emotional — their accent comes out more. So certain scenes, very subtly, [Anna’s] accent was gonna come out more.” Especially when she wants something (like a PayPal account, perhaps?), the actress added.

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