Coronation Street horror as Sarah Platt kidnapped in Adam Barlow stalker ordeal?

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Sarah Platt (played by Tina O’Brien) and Adam Barlow (Sam Robertson) are struggling to adapt to married life as the couple try to conceive their first child together. However, in upcoming Coronation Street scenes, the lawyer will fear he’s being stalked when his car is keyed by a mystery assailant. Could newcomer Lydia Chambers (Rebecca Ryan) know more than she’s letting on?

Adam wasn’t too impressed when he discovered Sarah had unknowingly befriended his former fling, Lydia.

The businesswoman arrived on the street with her young son but little is known about the true nature of her relationship with Adam as the former lovers had differing recollections of their previous encounter. 

Reddit user jordsmart12 suggested Lydia may be out for revenge and the Platt-Barlow family could be in danger.

They wrote: “Adam genuinely doesn’t seem to remember Lydia, but Sarah makes a comment about the ‘meaningless fling’ Adam and Lydia had and it annoys Lydia, angers her.

“I know it’s looking like Lydia’s son will be Adams or whatever, but it says she takes a liking to Daniel.”

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“What if it’s like a stalker storyline. A girl who became besotted with Adam at university had his kid and how now inserted herself into his wife’s life,” the theory continued.

“Maybe she found out where he was by seeing an article about his attack last year in the paper and has worked to get assigned to the street. 

“Stalker storylines often see the stalker use family and friends to be around their target.

“So Sarah as a friend and Daniel as a lover will keep her real close to Adam.”

“It could get really dark and she tries to turn his family and his wife against him in her quest to seduce Adam,” they added.

“Maybe the kid isn’t his but she uses it as a tool to manipulate everyone.” (sic)

Coronation Street fans agreed with the sinister theory and shared their thoughts on the newcomer. 

“I’m intrigued by this storyline. I definitely think she was mad about him, they slept together (maybe after a few drinks) and he can’t remember her as he had a long list of women in college,” unicornflavouredgum1 added.

“I think the kid is his but there has to be more to the story.”

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“Yes! Can we elect you writer?! I’m all for something completely different in the Adam Sarah break-up/make-up cycle,” KayakGurl said.

Will Lydia set out to hurt Sarah in a bid to get Adam’s attention or will he realise his former flame has a worrying agenda?

Meanwhile, ITV soap star Rebecca opened up on her character’s arrival on the cobbles to and other press.

She explained: “Lydia is there to cause a little bit of trouble – but not from her own doing! I think she gets put in situations that she reacts to. That’s what I would say anyway. Maybe I’m biased to Lydia, but what she does is justified, I suppose!”

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“Lydia and Adam had a relationship years and years ago, back in their uni days, which was a six-month-long relationship,” she continued. 

“But he doesn’t seem to remember her and he doesn’t know who she is, which is a bit awkward.

“That’s a bit of a punch in the gut for Lydia. Then different things happen and I think Lydia is a bit upset by it, and she’s taken aback that he doesn’t remember this relationship.

 “As the story goes on, stuff happens where Adam doesn’t seem to like Lydia being on the street or around Sarah because they become really good friends. 

“So I think it’s just one thing after another, which causes Lydia to take action.”

Coronation Street airs on ITV on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays on ITV.

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