Coronation Street spoilers: Jack Webster leaks killer Corey Brent's name after shock discovery

COREY Brent could be set to escape justice in upcoming scenes as Jack Webster leaks the killer’s name.

Corey and Kelly are facing charges for the role they played in Seb Franklin’s murder.

Viewers know that Corey and his gang of thugs attacked Seb and his girlfriend Nina in a brutal hate crime attack because she was dressed as a goth.

Next week’s episodes of Corrie will see Abi tell Kevin she’s heard whispers that Tommy Orpington has been lined up as a character witness for Corey. 

Sally assures Jack that Tommy wouldn’t support Corey if he knew the truth. 

Meanwhile, Imran is shocked when his ex-wife Sabeen rocks up and drops the bombshell that she’s a barrister on Corey’s defence team – and that he doesn’t stand a chance of securing Kelly’s acquittal. 

She suggests they ask the court to take account of Kelly and Corey’s ages during the trial as it could benefit them both. 

Later, Abi’s liaison officer Alison talks to Kevin about the trial next week and he’s shocked to hear that Kelly and Corey are having their identities protected. 

It all kicks off, however, when Simon tells Toyah that Corey’s identity has been leaked online on a Tommy Orpington fansite.

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Abi is devastated when she’s told that Corey’s name being leaked online could jeopardise the trial. 

Tension rises as the police call to speak to Jack about the online posts, while Abi accuses Imran of using Jack’s mistake to delay the trial.

Toyah is shocked to realise that is exactly what Imran is doing.

Later in the week, the pre trial review kicks off and Imran reveals he has new evidence about the blood spatters on Kelly’s trainers. 

He’s conflicted when Kelly and Corey are offered a reduced plea to manslaughter.

With the outcome of the trial uncertain, what will happen to Kelly and Corey?

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