Coronation Street spoilers: Thug breaks into Kevin Webster's house while little Jack is home alone

YOUNG Jack Webster will go through a terrifying ordeal in Coronation Street on Friday night as dad Kevin leaves him home alone – and the house is broken into.

The mechanic – who’s played by Michael de Vell in the ITV soap – dashes off on a mercy mission when Roy Cropper calls him to say he’s broken down in The Woody and needs help.

Kev is puzzled when he can’t find his keys anywhere, not knowing that they’ve been swiped from his pocket.

He then shoots off to help a distressed Roy, reluctantly leaving Jack in the house by himself.

But while Kevin’s out, the man who stole his keys lets himself into No.13 and begins rifling through some paperwork.

Upstairs Jack, who had a foot amputated last year after contracting sepsis, realises someone has broken in and frantically texts his dad.

The terrified lad takes refuge under his bed, knowing that his disability has left him vulnerable.

When Kevin sees Jack’s message, he’s horrified and races home to his son in a panic. But will he get there in time?

Kevin arrives home quickly and bashes the door down while the intruder tries to escape through the back.

Unfortunately for the intruder, he runs straight into Abi Franklin who takes him down.

The police arrive soon after and arrest the stranger, but Kev is left confused when he realises that nothing is missing from the house.

Things become clear later when Paula Harris – Kevin’s daughter Sophie’s girlfriend – arrives and tells Kevin she knows who the man is and why he targeted the Webster’s house.

Paula reveals that he’s a criminal – who she’s acting against – and that he has been targeting her for a while. Lawyer Paula is currently staying at No.13 following two burglaries at her own home.

Kevin and Sophie listen to her confession and are appalled that she put their family in danger. Sophie tears a strip off of her girlfriend, pointing out how terrified her little brother had been by the whole ordeal.

An apologetic Paula offers to pack her bags and leave while Sophie tells her it’s probably for the best.

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