Coronation Street stabbing leaves resident fighting for their life

Coronation Street: Stephen Reid commits second murder

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Max (played by Paddy Beaver) has been trying to make amends with his neighbours after returning home once and for all. However, Griff’s (Michael Condron) influence on the teenagers of Weatherfield seems to continue as Blake makes an attack on Alya Nazir (Sair Khan) after watching videos produced by Max.

In scenes set to air tomorrow night, hate-fuelled Blake decides to head to the Weatherfield refugee drop-in centre Maria Connor (Samia Longchambon) has set up.

Taking tips from radicalist Griff, Blake decides to live stream the event, with the intent to disrupt the event.

At home, Max watches the video and is horrified when Blake pulls out a knife, leaving him to race to Speed Daal to warn everyone.

However, Max is still trying to turn over a new leaf with the rest of the Weatherfield residents so Gary Windass (Mickey North) blocks him from entering the restaurant.

Max can only watch from the doorway as Blake runs towards Maria brandishing the knife.

Noticing what is about to happen, Alya jumps in front of Blake and he stabs her in the stomach and she collapses to the floor.

The guests are left horrified when they realise what is happening and run out into the street leaving Gary and Daryan Zahawi (Twana Omer) to battle with Blake who is still brandishing the knife.

Alya is rushed to hospital for a life-saving operation, but is it too late?

The attack against Alya marks the climax of the recent storyline which involved Max and the grooming of disenfranchised and impressionable young men.

Max was groomed by Griff into thinking his radicalised thinking was helping the community and the right thing to do.

The teenager was befriended in person by Griff as an older, mentor-like figure that gave him a sense of “loyalty” and “brotherhood”.

Due to his radicalised friends, Max became more estranged from his family and managed to lose all support of the residents of Weatherfield.

Max soon came to his senses and realised the truth about Griff’s nature and decided to alert residents of a bomb that Griff had planted in Speed Daal’s van.

In a shocking twist, Max is arrested this week as Blake makes it clear it was his videos which inspired him to carry about the attack on Alya.

Max will try to come to terms with the consequences of his actions and attempt to explain his involvement with the group to David and the police.

However, the threat of a lengthy jail sentence for incitement to commit murder looms over his head.

Producer Iain Macleod said: “We are exploring a very 21st Century problem: teenagers self-radicalising through watching extreme content online.

“In the end, we wanted this to be a story about communication within families – what are the right and wrong ways to talk to younger family members who are gravitating towards extreme views?”

Will Alya survive the horrific attack or is there more heartbreak to come for the Nazir family?

Coronation Street airs Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 8pm on ITV.

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