Coronation Street theory: Kelly Neelan murders Gary Windass in chilling revenge twist

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Kelly (played by Millie Gibson) still believes her mother Laura Neelan (Kel Allen) killed her father Rick Neelan (Greg Wood) before she died from a terminal illness. Coronation Street viewers know Gary (Mikey North) was the real person behind Rick’s death, and he and Maria (Samia Longchambon) want to keep it a secret. However, the vicious way Gary fought off her kidnappers in dramatic scenes has got Kelly questioning what he is actually capable of. 

The troubled youngster has been the centre of an explosive storyline on the ITV soap in recent days. 

In an effort to right her loanshark father’s wrongs, Kelly tracked down his former clients and offered to pay them back their money. 

This caused fireworks between her and Gary who was livid when he found out about her dangerous plan

But when the headstrong teen refused to listen to Gary, she ultimately sealed her fate and ended up getting kidnapped by one of Rick’s associates. 

Gary sprung into action when he received a call from one of Kelly’s abductors ordering him to come up with £50,000 in return for her freedom.

He managed to cobble £24,000 together but her kidnapper demanded the full amount. 

When Gary discovered where they were holding Kelly captive, he forced his way into the cellar where she was being kept as a prisoner. 

One of her kidnappers then swung a crowbar at Gary when he caught him trying to rescue Kelly.

A vicious fight broke out between the men as Kelly watched on in horror but she never realised how aggressive Gary could be. 

Will Kelly put two and two together and work out Gary killed her dad in the woods two years ago?

Reflecting on the fight in the cellar, Gary actor Mikey told and other publications: “I mean I always say that this is what this character is completely about, everything that he’s done wrong in the past has always been to protect his family.

“He’s never gone out to do any bad really in cold blood and with bad intent, it’s always been with his family in mind, and this is just another example of that.”

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When asked if Gary sees Kelly as a daughter figure, he replied: “Absolutely and they are growing closer all the time.”

However, he said their bond has also been bringing her closer to the truth about his murderous past. 

Mikey added: “He’s desperately trying to keep her away from the truth and away from getting into that world.

“He’s worried about what mixing with these people is going to do to her, he doesn’t want her to get dragged into it all.” 

If Kelly works out Gary killed her father and made her dying mother lie to her, will she turn to murder?

Could she kill Gary in a moment of rage to get her revenge, or will she take her time to plan how to make him suffer?

Will Gary own up to his actions or will he continue to deny any involvement in Rick’s death?

Coronation Street airs on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 8pm. 

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