Corrie’s Leo exposed – serial killer, Johnny link and sinister incest twist

Coronation Street’s Leo Tompkins looks set to have his true nature exposed in upcoming scenes as his last day in his job rolls around and Daisy Midgley informs Jenny Connor about his odd behaviour.

Leo was first introduced just before the death of Jenny’s husband Johnny Connor in the sinkhole, after the pair split and Jenny swapped her older model for a toy boy beau.

It’s very rare for a newbie on the ITV cobbles to have no sinister motive at all, and with Leo’s actions becoming increasingly suspicious, it has set fans’ minds reeling about what his true motives could be.

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From a sinister incest plot which could see both Jenny and Daisy in trouble to a dark criminal past, it looks like Leo is far from the innocent construction worker turned craft beer brewer he acts.

Daily Star have taken a look into the most convincing theories of them all.

Johnny link exposed

Some fans are sure Leo knew Johnny from when he was behind bars for a historic crime last year – before he was tragically killed off in the sinkhole disaster.

In that vein, Leo could be playing the long game to exact his revenge on Jenny for her association with him.

Taking to social media, one fan wrote: "Leo is using Jenny. Since when would he take such an interest in an older woman like Jenny?

"I wonder if Leo is someone that Johnny messed with when he was in prison."

Another followed up: "Leo is 100% gonna be a villain. He's got that villainous, sinister look on his face!"

"Don't trust Leo!" someone else echoed, while a fourth fan penned: "I don't trust Leo. I think he's after something off Jenny, like money or something."

However, some were quick to slam the theory of Leo's connection to Johnny, as one fan pointed out: "No, I'm sure Johnny met him and said he seemed a nice bloke?"

Dark criminal past

Other reports have suggested that Leo has been using the Rovers as a front for a criminal enterprise – especially when his penchant for crafting beer went downhill.

It wouldn’t be the first time Corrie has dealt with a money laundering plot, with Zeedan forced to launder money through Speed Daal to pay off his debts.

Some even think Daisy could be in on his dastardly plans to steal the pub from under her nose, with one fan suggesting on social media: “There is definitely something going on with Daisy and Leo. I think they know each other and going to scam Jenny out of cash."

Another penned: “Leo and Daisy are playing the long game. They’re both out to rinse Jenny, calling it now.”

While Daisy hasn’t ostensibly started an affair with Leo yet, it’s definitely not completely out of the realm of possible, as fans think he could be tempted away from Jenny.

Sinister incest plot

In another huge twist, it turns out Leo and Daisy could be half-siblings – with fans sure he’s out for revenge on Jenny for what happened to her son Tom.

Tom – son to Jenny and Daisy’s unnamed father – tragically drowned as a four-year-old when she momentarily left him alone in a paddling pool.

Daisy attempted to save him but there was nothing to be done for the tot – and her father soon moved on with a woman named Marina, having an unnamed son with her.

Though Leo’s father has been seen on screen as an old pal of Jenny’s in a very awkward hospital exchange, it is possible that he’s simply adopted – and could be the biological son of Jenny’s first husband, as one fan eagerly pointed out.

And he could be out for revenge on Jenny.

Taking to Twitter, one keen soap fan theorised: “Okay hear me out… we’ve never met Daisy’s father, but we know he remarried after Jenny. What if Leo is his son, and Daisy his half-sister?

“She might not know about him if he kept his other family quiet, and he could be out for revenge on Jenny for the death of his half-brother Tom?”

They added: “Which would make it kind of weird that they’re dating…”

Clarifying, the viewer wrote: “I know we’ve technically seen Leo’s dad on screen but could he have been adopted?”

Threesome twist

Another huge twist might be a far cry from a sinister past, as some viewers simply think Leo wants to get frisky with more than one woman.

In a saucy Corrie first, could he be up for a threesome with both Daisy and Jenny?

Some viewers certainly think so, as one quipped on Twitter: “This lad wants a threesome!” as another joked: “Gonna be a threesome with this bizarre group!”

“Threesome sleepover in the Rovers lol,” someone else said.

But what is Leo really up to? And will his true identity soon be exposed?

Coronation Street airs Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays from 8pm on ITV

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