Daughter of Unsolved Mysteries' JoAnn Matouk reveals five reasons her mother NEVER would've taken her own life

THE daughter of Unsolved Mysteries' JoAnn Matouk Romain has revealed five reasons her mother NEVER would've taken her own life.

The hit Netflix series returned with a second season earlier this month, and one episode titled Lady in the Lake looks at JoAnn's death in 2010.

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JoAnn went missing in the January and her body was found 70 days later in a lake 30 miles away from her last known location.

Police ruled her death as suicide, but her daughter Michelle is convinced she was murdered, even going as far as hiring her own pathologist, scientists, investigators and lawyers.

From this, Michelle has come up with five key reasons why her mother didn't take her own life.

JoAnn was a devout Catholic

Michelle insists her mother's devout Catholic faith is one big reason why she wouldn't have killed herself.

She says in the episode: "My mum always was and as she became older became more about being Catholic and going to church, more than just on Sundays you know going during the week.

"If you’ve heard about Catholics, suicide is against all beliefs.”

JoAnn’s rosary and mobile phone were missing

Michelle said her mother never went anywhere without her rosary and mobile phone, however both things were missing when police found her body.

She said: "When there’s some kind of crime committed, what’s the first thing you want to get rid of? A cell phone because you can track a cell phone."

She also finds it odd that JoAnn's coat was zipped all the way up to her chin – which she didn't normally do – as were all her pockets.

There were contusions on JoAnn's shoulder

When JoAnn's body was found, she had contusions on her upper left arm, where she normally carried her handbag.

When the family got her bag back from police, it was ripped, and Michelle believes these are signs her mother was grabbed by someone.

She added: "They never finger printed the purse, they never got any DNA off it, they never tested it for any DNA.

"And they just acted like no big deal, so it’s just shredded and torn and just let it go like that.”

JoAnn feared she was being stalked

A week before she disappeared, JoAnn attempted to contact a private investigator, while Michelle said her mother was acting 'strange'.

Retired FBI agent William Randall agreed to help Michelle with her mother's case and believes JoAnn thought she was being stalked.

Michelle said: "She was acting very troubled. Not herself. Very scared. She wouldn’t tell me what was bothering her, and she always told me everything, almost as if she told me, she’d put me and her kids in jeopardy.”

JoAnn also started receiving more calls than usual and would walk away at work to take them, something she didn't normally do.

She also feared her mail was being tampered with and that she was being followed from the post office.

JoAnn's shoes were in good condition

According to the police, JoAnn had to walk down a very rocky surface to the lake to drown herself. However, her shoes and clothes were surprisingly intact despite the terrain she was supposed to have crossed.

During the episode, an investigator got a woman to travel the same way in a pair of heeled boots, and she struggled to do so without becoming unstable or needing the help of another person.

Michelle concluded: "I believe my mum was abducted while walking out of church and grabbed from the left side where the bruises and contusions are on her arm and her purse was ripped.

"Pushed into her own car where the abductor then drove away in her vehicle."

Unsolved Mysteries seasons 1 and 2 are available on Netflix

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