Demi Moore 'climbed through window for steamy night of sex' the night before her wedding

DEMI Moore reportedly enjoyed a "steamy night of sex" with actor Paul Carafotes the night before her 1981 wedding to her first husband.

Just hours before walking down the aisle for the first time, the three-times married and divorced Hollywood A-lister scaled a fire escape and climbed through his kitchen window to have "one last hurrah" with the Fight Club actor.

The pair had an affair for months behind her rocker fiance Freddy Moore's back, after meeting her on a movie set in 1980, Carafotes told DailyMailTV.

He says that their affair – which included "indiscretions" in his own movie trailer – culminated with then 18-year-old Demi sneaking out of her own bachelorette party to visit his Hollywood apartment on the 4th floor, clutching a bottle of Dom Perignon champagne only hours before marrying Moore.

"I think she just wanted to have a last hurrah before she got married," Paul, who appears in the second season of Netflix hit Mindhunter, told the show.

Paul, 60, said: "She was an 18-year-old pretty girl and we were in Hollywood filming a movie and partying together. We were young, we were having a good time, nobody gives you a book which says this is how to behave. But I certainly didn't think she'd climb that fire escape."

The following day, February 8 1981, Demi married rock star Moore, who is best known for his 1980 song It's Not A Rumor, which he co-wrote with Demi and recorded with his band The Nu-Kats.

He says that he was prompted to speak out to about the affair which happened 39 years ago after being outed as her former lover in Demi's tell-all memoir, Inside Out.

In it, the 56-year-old Ghost star recalls her whirlwind marriage to Freddy which lasted until 1985 and admits she was unfaithful to the musician the night before they were set to say "I do."

"The night before we got married, instead of working on my vows, I was calling a guy I'd met on a movie set," Moore writes. "I snuck out of my own bachelorette party and went to his apartment."

"Why did I do that?" Moore – whose father Danny Guynes committed suicide months earlier in October 1980 – wrote.

"Why didn't I go and see the man I was committing to spend the rest of my life with to express my doubts? Because I couldn't face the fact that I was getting married to distract myself from grieving the death of my father.

"Because I felt there was no room to question what I'd already put in motion. I couldn't get out of the marriage, but I could sabotage it."

Of meeting the Indecent Proposal actress, at the start of her career, Paul recalls to DailyMailTV:  "She was beautiful, she had fantastic eyes, she was adorable and fun loving and she had a spark, an energy, she was the it girl, that became obvious with what she did in her career."

Paul told them that he almost turned Demi down on that fateful night on February 7, 1981

"I had worked 18 hours, I was tired and Demi didn't work that day. I was sleeping and the phone rang. It was her and she wanted to come over and see me.

"And I just said, 'Ah you know, that's probably not a great thing to do right now. I'm tired. I'm in bed.' I hang up the phone and she called again, she was persistent.

"Then I finally said, 'look, uh, if you want to come over, I'll open the kitchen window. You can climb the fire escape, I'm four flights up. If you want to do that, then you have at it.' I went back to sleep."

Paul said he never expected Demi to take him up on such an unattractive offer.

"The next thing I knew she was standing there with a bottle of Dom Perignon, standing over my bed saying, 'let's do this, let's party.' I was shocked, she was wild. What's a red-blooded boy supposed to do?

"I had a buddy of mine staying with me over from Boston, he woke up and he was like, 'Hey aren't you getting married tomorrow? Are you Catholic?' She said, 'Sure. Yeah,' and he went back to sleep."

Paul told DailyMailTV: "I think she just wanted to have a last hurrah before she got married. She wanted to have some fun, she was young, she was a kid. Maybe she wanted a last throw down and then she was going to be the good Catholic girl, I don't know."


"We probably should have done something differently, but you're young, excited, making a movie, you're in Hollywood, people are partying having a good time.

"The next morning I woke her up and said, 'hey you've got a wedding to go to' and off she went," he remembers.

Paul, a veteran actor who appeared alongside Tom Cruise in All the Right Moves and with Brad Pitt in Fight Club as a well as being a series regular on hit day time show Knots Landing, said until now, he had kept the affair under wraps for almost 40 years.

"But now she's got a book and she's talking about all these things that were going on in her life.  She's got the right to talk about her life like that," he said.

After Demi separated from Freddy Moore in 1985, she married Die Hard star Bruce Willis in 1987 after a four-month romance.

The two had three children — daughters Rumer, 31, Scout, 28, and Tallulah Belle, 25 — and later divorced in 2000.

Demi began dating actor Ashton Kutcher in 2003, and the two married in 2005.

The couple split and divorced in 2013.

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