Derry Girls' Dylan Llewellyn to front new Channel 4 comedy Big Boys about uni freshers – but will it top Fresh Meat?

DERRY GIRLS’ Dylan Llewellyn to front wild new Channel 4 comedy Big Boys about uni freshers – but will it top Fresh Meat?

The six-part comedy series follows an unlikely friendship between sweet, shy Jack, played by Llewellyn, and laddish and ever-so-slightly mature student Danny, played by Jon Pointing. 

Pointing, who appeared as Roman geezer Jason in Plebs, stars as Danny in the new comedy, which has been described as “funny and heart-breaking”. 

Written and narrated by Jack Rooke, the series centres on Jack who has spent the past year at home with his wonderful, potty-mouthed mum. 

Jack has been grieving for his father and his mum for her husband, but the time has now come for him to take his place at the local uni.

When the shy and closeted Jack meets his boisterious roommate Danny, the pair, who are at significantly different places on the spectrum of masculinity, form a close bond during the inevitable chaos and frenzy of a first year.

 Big Boys is based on comedy writer Jack Rooke’s award-winning live comedy shows 'Good Grief’, 'Happy Hour’ and ‘Love Letters’.

He said: “As a kid I‘d stay up late to sneakily watch something a bit ‘queer’ on Channel 4. I‘d ask Dad: ‘Why does that bloke have his face in that other bloke’s lap?’ and he’d grin and say, ‘They’re just having a fun time!!’ 

“Now I am thrilled to have my first comedy series with Channel 4, writing and narrating Big Boys, based on the teen years after losing my dad with all the ups and downs of grief, sexual discovery, freshers’ week and making one very special best mate. (And I’ll be sure to include some of my own ‘fun times’ too!)”

Laura Riseam, Comedy Commissioning Executive for Channel 4 said: “We are delighted to be working with Jack and the team on Big Boys.

"Jack’s natural ability to find humour in grief brings a beautifully specific POV to something universal and important. He has already had us in bits and we haven’t even started filming yet!”

Jackie Edwards, Head of Young Audiences Content Fund, BFI said: “The Young Audiences Content Fund is beyond delighted to support Big Boys.

"It is a gorgeously funny original scripted comedy that definitively gives big laughs but is also a show with big heart – dealing, as it does, with themes such as bereavement and poor mental health with sensitivity and real warmth.

"It is a funny, heart-warming delight of a programme, and we’re so glad to be able to help bring such a brilliant and important series to young audiences.”

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