Devastating baby loss tragedy in Corrie as Summer suffers a miscarriage

Summer Spellman (Harriet Bibby)’s already complicated life takes another turn in upcoming Coronation Street episodes when she sadly suffers a miscarriage.

After discovering that she was pregnant, Summer had been planning to have an abortion. Then she met Mike (Tom Lorcan) and Esther (Vanessa Hehir), a couple who were desperate to have a baby but unable to have one of their own. They offered to adopt Summer’s baby and said they would give her £10,000.

Summer planned to use the money to pay for Aaron (James Craven)’s alcoholic father Eric (Craig Cheetham) to go to rehab, and episodes to be aired soon see Eric apparently determined to stay off the booze, but questioning how Aaron and Summer raised the money for his treatment.

They pretend that they borrowed it from Billy (Daniel Brocklebank), and this lie makes it all the more important that they keep the truth from Billy for as long as possible. They decide the only solution is to move away until after the baby is born. When Mike and Esther hear about this they have a solution – Summer should move in with them. Summer accepts.

Then disaster strikes. They hear from Jacob (Jack James Ryan) that Eric has been drinking again and rush to confront him. And that’s when Summer doubles up in pain and realises she’s bleeding.

She’s suffered a miscarriage. How will Mike and Esther take the news? And what will happen to Eric now they won’t have the money for his rehab?

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