Does Lea die in The Good Doctor?

The Good Doctor: Freddie Highmore stars in season finale trailer

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The Good Doctor fans have loved seeing Dr Shaun Murphy’s (played by Freddie Highmore) relationship with Lea Dilallo (Paige Spara) develop over the past four seasons. There has been plenty of ups and downs throughout their relationship which blossomed from friendship to romance at the end of series three. Sadly, tragedy struck for the young couple in the latest season of the ABC medical drama.

WARNING: This article contains spoilers from The Good Doctor.

Does Lea die in The Good Doctor?

At the end of season three, Lea Dilallo (Paige Spara) admitted that she had feelings for Shaun.

She did so after he attempted to rescue her from a building that was collapsing as a result of the earthquake.

When season four came around, another hurdle was in their way as they couldn’t see one another because of Covid-19.

Nevertheless, they were soon reunited and later on in the series, Lea told Shaun that she was pregnant. 

Initially, Lea wasn’t sure if she wanted to keep the baby but decided it was right for them.

The couple was very excited at the thought of becoming parents and so was the rest of their team at St Bonaventure Hospital.

They discovered their unborn child was going to be a little girl as well, ramping up how they felt about the pregnancy.

This ideal future soon started to crumble around them when Lea collapsed at the end of Waiting, which aired on Monday, April 26.

After getting the test results back from the hospital, Lea and Shaun found out that she had gestational diabetes which typically develops during pregnancy.

Sadly, there was another diagnosis as Lea had Type II Vas Previa which is to do with the umbilical cord not being protected which can lead to foetal haemorrhage.

This meant Lea needed to go into emergency surgery which also potentially put her own life in danger.

While she did survive the operation, unfortunately, their baby did not.

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So up until season four at least, Lea doesn’t die in The Good Doctor.

Over the years, there have been several shocking deaths, most recently Dr Neil Melendez (Nicholas Gonzalez) who died from septic shock after the earthquake.

Therefore, most characters, bar Shaun himself, could be written out of the show at any moment.

However, for now, there is a bright future ahead for Shaun and Lea.

Despite them still trying to come to terms with their loss, the tragedy did bring Shaun and Lea closer together.

So much so that Lea decided it was the right time to propose and Shaun of course said yes.

Does this mean fans will get to see a big white wedding in the upcoming fifth season?

The Good Doctor is available to watch on ABC.

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