‘Don’t believe it!’ Martin Roberts finds ‘highly illegal’ element of Homes Under the House

Homes Under the Hammer: Martin explores 'strange' bungalow

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Martin Roberts conducted a property search for a bungalow in Stafford on a previous episode of Homes Under the Hammer. He guided BBC viewers around the bungalow that was being sold at auction for offers above £140,000. But, the property expert got a surprise when he came across an unusual feature in the building that didn’t meet building regulations.

Martin began the search saying: “In terms of space I like this. Through this side door, you’ve got a kitchen and I like the design actually.

“I like the fact you’ve got this area here, with some new units that would be quite pleasant.”

Martin then moved on to the next room, saying: “This I would imagine would be the dining room.

“Then into the central bit of the bungalow you’ve got the bathrooms and loo there, bedroom one and bedroom two – again full of lots of bits and pieces.”

The property expert then turned to examine an unusual looking cupboard behind him.

“Umm shelving, carpeted. That’s interesting,” Martin remarked, hinting that he wasn’t keen on the design choice.

“Then this room, fireplace dated, a lovely big window and in terms of space it’s fabulous.”

However, when he went back to look at the cupboard, Martin soon realised it wasn’t actually carpeted shelves that he had spotted.

Martin exclaimed: “Hang on a minute! You know those things I thought were carpeted shelves. I don’t believe it. It’s a staircase.

“Okay, one thing for sure it’s dusty and it doesn’t meet building regulations.

“Honestly the things I do for this show,” he joked as he struggled up the make-shift staircase.

He reached the summit and asked: “But, what have we got up here once you get up those highly illegal stairs?

“Well interesting, more than I was expecting. A little office area here, another room here, but what I’m looking at is the head height.

“I doubt the rest of this was done to any kind of building regulations because the stairs weren’t.

“So I doubt the floor joists were strengthened or anything like that – fire escapes or anything you need to consider when you’re doing something like this.

“What it does open up though is the possibility of putting some kind of room up here.

“Maybe a dormer, which you could possibly do with permitted development if it was going toward the back of the property or just making a better job of what’s here.

“Maybe changing the position of the stairs around? You know what it’s a surprise, it’s really good once you’ve found it,” he concluded.

Martin went on to reveal the property also boasted some garages and a garden, noting that it needed some “tender loving care.”

He finished up the property search by commenting that the bungalow had “lots of potential”.

Homes Under the Hammer airs weekdays at 10am on BBC One.

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