EastEnders Gray Atkins exposed as Mia recalls Chantelles abuse?

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EastEnders will remember Chantelle (played by Jessica Plummer) was killed by Gray (Toby-Alexander Smith) last year after the abusive husband tried to stop her from leaving him. The villain has gone on to murder others while covering up his crime, and fans are hoping his marriage to Chelsea Fox (Zaraah Abrahams) will finally be the episode in which his evil streak is uncovered. Whitney finally found concrete proof on Thursday that Gray had abused Chantelle, but because he saw her acting suspiciously he’s likely to stop her from revealing anything. Could his young daughter Mia (Mahalia Malcolm) decide to warn Chelsea about what her mother went through?

Mia is only young and hasn’t ever spoken about the relationship Chantelle and Gray had.

However, in Thursday’s instalment, the schoolgirl led Whitney to a box of clues that helped her find some evidence against Gray.

Picking up on the tense atmosphere and suddenly mentioning Chantelle a lot, it’s possible Mia is starting to remember things she may have repressed out of fear.

While Gray and Chantelle lived together, the terrified mother feared for the safety of her children.

During Gray’s outbursts, he would scream, hurt and threaten his wife, so it’s likely Mia will have heard something.

Attempting to guess at a password to view some entries Chantelle had written online before her death, Whitney had tried everything she could think of to find a nickname for her late neighbour.

She spoke to Chantelle’s mother, Karen Taylor (Lorraine Stanley), hoping to filter potential answers from her.

“I wanted to get the kids something nice for Christmas,” the market stall holder told Karen.

“Something special to remind them of their mum, like a personalised mug or something.

“So I was going to ask you if Chantelle ever had a nickname?”

Karen couldn’t think of one, or anything else that may work as the password to access what Chantelle had written.

While helping Chelsea out with her dress later, Whitney spotted Mia drawing a picture of Chantelle.

She told Whitney her pictures had been put away in a box by Gray, showing Whitney where to find it.

Looking through the contents, Whitney noticed Mia had written “curly queen” on all of the pictures.

“That’s what you called mummy, isn’t it?” she asked.

Mia nodded, and Whitney immediately used the nickname as a password, which worked.

Gray walked in on her as she dropped her phone, so he might have seen what Whitney had been looking at.

She quickly made her excuses and left before reading Chantelle’s accounts of the abuse she had faced at Gray’s hands.

Controlling Gray picked up on the strange behaviour and may have spotted what was on the phone, so he isn’t likely to let it go.

Thinking Whitney is out to sabotage his wedding, he might try to find her alone and threaten her to keep quiet.

Could it be Mia who ends up exposing the truth?

After spotting Whitney poking around looking for something to use against Gray, Mia had asked her what she was doing.

It’s possible the youngster might have noticed that Whitney is keen to find out more about Chantelle’s death, and perhaps she will confide in someone about witnessing her dad being violent and controlling with Chantelle.

Could she be the one to warn Chelsea as she’s about to walk down the aisle?

The soap has indicated that the Christmas Day wedding will be explosive, so it seems Gray could finally be exposed during the Christmas episodes.

With Whitney acting suspiciously in front of the disgraced lawyer, it may be down to his daughter to tell someone about her recollections.

If Whitney doesn’t show up at the wedding, it might trigger the young girl to question her father and reveal the truth about her mum.

EastEnders continues on Friday at 8pm on BBC One.

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