EastEnders shock as Stuart Highway violently attacks Sonia Fowler over his breast cancer diagnosis

EASTENDERS fans are horrified after Stuart Highway attacked Sonia Fowler tonight.

The funeral director – who is played by actor Ricky Champ in the BBC soap – reacted violently after his diagnosis for breast cancer.

Raging against the doctor, he accused him of making a mistake before throwing the chairs around the room and storming out.

Back in the Square Stuart went to the Vic and downed as many drinks as he could handle.

Sonia Fowler saw him struggling and realised something was wrong.

She took him back to hers and offered him water before he broke down.

He told her about his “friend” who had breast cancer and she assumed he was talking about Rainie.

But when he insisted it wasn’t Rainie, Sonia realised he meant himself

Forget I said anything. Forget I said anything.

You can't just ignore it – you need to deal with it.

But as Sonia tried to help him Stuart turned violent.

He grabbed her and slammed her against the wall trying to stop her from speaking.

Sonia was terrified as Stuart shouted his apologies.

Breaking down he shouted: "I'm sorry I didn't meant to do that. I don't know what I'm doing darling. 

“I don't know what's happening to me anymore."

Viewers were horrified at Stuart’s violence – but praised the actor's emotional scenes.

One wrote: "My heart flipping bleeds for Stuart, I could've cried at tonight's episode"

A second said: "Went “woah” when Stuart grabbed Sonia."

Another added: "My heart is broken for Stuart."

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