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For example, Ben Mitchell will propose to boyfriend Callum Highway next week in EastEnders – but the policeman is going to have doubts.

Meanwhile Coronation Street's Tracy Barlow will try to buy David Platt’s house from under him next week and Emmerdale's Manpreet Sharma will be revealed as newcomer Ethan Anderson’s mum in another shock twist.

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  • Carl Greenwood

    Emmerdale’s Manpreet Sharma is Ethan’s MOTHER and abandoned him as a child

    EMMERDALE’S Manpreet Sharma will be revealed as newcomer Ethan Anderson’s MOTHER in a shock twist.

    The GP – who is played by actress Rebecca Sarker in the ITV soap – will soon be exposed as living a double life after her ex Charles sees her in the village.

    He knew her a long time ago as a woman called Saira and they were together before she disappeared and faked her own death.

    However actor Emile John who plays Charles’ son Ethan has revealed that his character considered Manpreet as his mother and was left devastated by her disappearance.

    He said: “Ethan is aware of the connection between Charles and Manpreet. 

    “All the trauma and pain from not one absent mother but two will all come flooding back to him. 

    “He’s going to need to tell her exactly how he feels to relinquish that pain. He is going to need to say exactly how he feels.”

    Manpreet raised Ethan as her own – until she disappeared
  • Carl Greenwood


    TRACY Barlow tries to buy David Platt’s house from under him next week in Coronation Street after Debbie Webster offers it back. 

    The planning committee will revoke Ray's application after the Chairperson is arrested on suspicion of bribery.

    Debbie tells David that she’ll sell his house back to him for the original price, but David later admits to Shona that he no longer has the money.

    When Tracy overhears that David has money woes, she corners Debbie and reveals she’d be interested in buying his house.

    Debbie assures David he gets first refusal but admits that she wants a quick sale, leaving David fearing the worst.

    Will David get the money together?

    Tracy swoops in to buy the house before David has a chance
  • Carl Greenwood

    The Bay fans stunned to see ex-EastEnders actor Thomas Law in ITV drama – 11 years after leaving soap

    EASTENDERS fans were surprised to see former Peter Beale star Thomas Law on The Bay last night.

    The actor left the BBC soap 11 years ago and now plays DC Eddie Martin in the ITV show.

    Thomas, 28, stars as the detective who will work alongside Morven Christie's Lisa Armstrong to solve a brutal murder within a seemingly loving family.

    One surprised viewer wrote on Twitter: "Omg is that the original peter beale???#TheBay".

    Another added: "Previous and normal sized Peter Beale got a job as a policeman!"

    "It’s the original Peter Beale! I knew he looked familiar…," commented a third.

    Fans were stunned to see Thomas in the show


  • Carl Greenwood


    PETER Barlow devastates his son Simon by penning a suicide note next week in Coronation Street. 

    Peter is dying of liver failure and has rejected all potential ways to save his life, even rejecting his brother Daniel’s offer to be a liver donor. 

    Later in the week, a sweating and shaking Peter sits down and writes a letter to Simon.

    He tells Carla he forgives her for sleeping with Adam. 

    She’s relieved but when she sees Peter’s notebook, she’s horrified to realise he’s penning a suicide note. 

    Peter insists it’s a farewell letter to help Simon come to terms with the fact he’s dying. 

    Later, Carla is horrified when Peter reads out the letter to Simon and, as the teenager heads off, Carla begs Peter to try and save himself.

    But will he listen?

    Peter seems determined to die
  • Carl Greenwood


    BEN Mitchell proposes to boyfriend Callum Highway next week in EastEnders – but the policeman has doubts. 

    The rookie cop – who is played by Tony Caly  in the BBC One soap – was forced by his boss DI Steve Thompson to snitch on Phil Mitchell in order to keep Ben out of prison.

    So next week when Ben half-heartedly proposes, he's left with doubts.

    With help from Lola and Lexi, Ben puts a more romantic engagement plan into action – but will Callum say yes?

    Ben's first proposal doesn't go to plan
  • Carl Greenwood


    MOIRA Barton teams up with brother Mack to take on vengeful Kim Tate next week in Emmerdale. 

    Kim and Mack joined forces in a shock twist last month in the ITV soap – and made plans to kill Cain Dingle.

    Next week’s episodes of Emmerdale will see Moira try and get Mack to see that Kim’s threats need to be taken seriously.

    Moira goes on to say that the only way to beat Kim is by joining forces. 

    Will Mackenzie team up with Moira?

    Moira will join Mack in taking on Kim
  • Carl Greenwood


    RAY Crosby disappears next week in Coronation Street as his development plans are cancelled and the Chairperson of the planning committee is arrested on suspicion of bribery. 

    Debbie will find herself in hot water in the ITV soap when the police trace the emergency call about Abi back to Debbie’s phone. 

    Viewers will see Roy tell Debbie that the Chairperson of the planning committee has been arrested on suspicion of bribery – and that Ray seems to have done a runner.

    Debbie swears blind that she knew nothing about the bribery or Ray’s attack on Faye.

    Later in the week, as the truth about Abi’s ordeal with Ray comes out, Debbie continues to claim she was in the dark. 

    Has Debbie killed off Ray and has Abi survived?

    Ray Crosby will disappear next week
  • Carl Greenwood


    EASTENDERS’ Sharon Watts is going to murder Ian Beale after ex Phil Mitchell talked her out of abandoning her revenge plan.

    The landlady – who is played by actress Letitia Dean in the BBC soap – had called off her plan to poison Ian for revenge for her dead son Dennis.

    But after a pep talk from Phil – the plan is back on.

    Using Dennis’ death to convince her into it, Phil added: “You know what I can't live with, I can't live with the fact that I was there and my boy was down on that boat fighting for his life and spineless Ian Beale was looking out for himself like he always does. 

    “Our boy Sharon, he must have been gasping for air, his lungs must have filled with water. 

    “Ian took our son away and he has to pay. You don't have to do anything, I'll do it.”

    Now convinced, Sharon told him she would be the one to kill her husband.

    “No, it should be me,” she said. 

    Sharon will go ahead with her plan this week
  • Carl Greenwood


    HOLLYOAKS newcomer Denise Welch has teased the dodgy secrets Trish Minniver is hiding from her daughter Maxine.

    The actress made her debut in the Channel 4 soap last night and her character wasted no time in showing she wasn’t a great mother.

    Speaking exclusively to The Sun’s TV Mag, Denise said: “The thing about Maxine and Brad having kissed is that Brad can wrap Trish around his little finger, but Trish is under no illusions that Brad is a womaniser – but as long as he is coming back to her, she sort of turns a blind eye to it. 

    “Brad manages to say something to her like ‘we’d broken up’, but yeah they’d had an argument and hadn’t spoken to each other for three days and that’s enough for Trish to be okay with it. 

    “Basically, Trish is moving back to Hollyoaks with Brad, who she’s besotted with, he is a property magnate – in inverted commas, not really though! 

    “There’s lots of dodgy stuff going on, but you’ll find out that they’re as bad as each other. So, there is going to be lots of drama with Maxine and Trish.”

    Trish is definitely dodgy reveals Denise
  • Carl Greenwood


    EMMERDALE village newcomer Ethan is going to expose Luke Posner for lying about his sexuality to Victoria Sugden.

    Actor Emile John – who plays lawyer Ethan in the ITV soap – arrived in the village with a bang earlier this month when he was framed for drugs possession by Sarah Sugden.

    After a battle for his career, things have calmed down for Ethan but they're set to take a dramatic turn when he runs into Luke with girlfriend Victoria Sugden.

    Next week he will confront Luke about him pretending to be straight.

    An angry Luke will insist he's not gay, and lay on the lovey-dovey stuff with Victoria to overcompensate.

    Now Emile has revealed that Ethan won't let Luke get away with lying.

    Speaking to The Sun and other media, he said: "Ethan is a righteous man.

    "If he senses someone is being lied to, he will confront who he needs to to put it right. Luke is not an exception to that rule."

    What does Ethan know about Luke?


  • Carl Greenwood


    NINA Lucas and Asha Alahan grow closer next week in Coronation Street after the school girl splits with controlling Corey.

    The teens struck up an unlikely friendship after Nina – Mollie Gallagher in the ITV soap – defended her from bullies in the midst of her harrowing revenge-porn plot last year. 

    Corrie has teased that viewers will later see a spark between the pair as Asha helps Nina out in the cafe.

    And it will soon develop into a romance between the two.

    Asha and Nina will get together
  • Carl Greenwood


    GRAY Atkins sabotages Whitney Dean’s date next week in EastEnders – and makes a shock move on her. 

    The villain – who is played by Toby Alexander Smith in the BBC One soap – previously murdered his own wife Chantelle following months of abuse by impaling her on an upturned knife in the dishwasher.

    Gray was left with blood on his hands once again after killing Tina when she discovered the truth about Chantelle, covering her body in wrapping paper before he disposed of it.

    But Gray has managed to manipulate Whitney, who’s been helping Gray look after his kids in the wake of Chantelle’s death, into thinking he’s one of the good guys. 

    And now he wants her to move in where he can control her. Is she safe?

    Gray may kill again – and he's got Whitney in his sights
  • Carl Greenwood


    Hollyoaks star Jeremy Edwards has explained why he quit Hollyoaks just months after a bombshell return from the dead for his character.

    There had been talk of a return to Hollyoaks but Jeremy wants to focus on his consultancy work and being a dad.

    He says: “With the imminent second baby due and being away for long periods I was always going to be on the fence about returning to Hollyoaks.

    “People being mean on Twitter just makes me question what is the point? Sometimes it’s better just to step away and regroup rather than struggle on.

    “It’s the smart thing to do. Especially with everything else going on.

    "You have to look out for yourself and your family.”

    Kurt returned from the dead in October
  • Carl Greenwood


    EMMERDALE star Katherine Dow Blyton has revealed she fears her days on the soap could be numbered after the murder of bent cop Mark Malone.

    Her character, vicar Harriet Finch, helped bury his body last summer when Dawn Taylor shot him after Harriet had first smashed him over the head.

    Katherine, who has been in the show for seven years, said: “You always worry that your days might be numbered.

    “There have got to be consequences, whether that happens a year down the line or two years down the line, you can’t get away with murder.

    "But I’ll stay for as long as they want me to stay. I love the show and the role; thank heavens for it.”

    Harriet is struggling with Malone's murder
  • Carl Greenwood


    CORONATION Street fans are in shock after Sean Tully revealed he was nearly 50.

    The knicker stitcher – who is played by actor Antony Cotton in the ITV soap – revealed he will soon turn a half century old in last night’s episode.

    Sean is trying to raise money for a flat of his own so he can bring his son Dylan to live with him.

    But when he demanded Gemma and Chesney pay him the commission from his make-up pyramid scheme, he revealed his true age.

    Gemma told him: “I feel about 50 today.”

    And Sean replied: “Don’t – that is my next significant birthday I mean it’s in a while but even so. 

    “How is it even possible that I’m going to be the big 5-0?”

    Sean's almost as old as Corrie itself
  • Carl Greenwood

    EastEnders blunder as an orange juice costs A FIVER

    EASTENDERS fans spotted a perplexing blunder as Phil Mitchell paid a FIVER for an orange juice in the Queen Vic.

    The Walford hardman – who is played by Steve McFadden in the BBC One soap – has teamed up with his ex Sharon to murder Ian Beale as revenge for their dead son Dennis.

    But as Phil gave Sharon a bag of white powder to end Ian, he concealed it with a five pound note and asked her for an orange juice without change – and it left fans gobsmacked. 

    One wrote: “So you’re telling me phil mitchell paid a fiver for a glass of orange juice.”

    Another added: “Blimey £5 for an orange juice, I mean I know its London East End but wow think Phil got ripped off not even ice offered!”

    No wonder Phil's raging all the time
  • Carl Greenwood


    EASTENDERS fans are in shock as Sharon Watts called off her plan to kill Ian Beale – as he secretly visited the doctors to get proof she is poisoning him.

    The Queen Vic landlady – who is played by actress Letitia Dean in the BBC soap – has been poisoning Ian to death for the killing of her son Denny in February.

    But as Ian sought toxicology tests, Sharon pulled the scheme leaving viewers in shock.

    One wrote: "Looks like Sharon "The Serpent" Watts reign of terror is almost over!"

    A second said: "Truth could be soon out for Ian about Sharon poisoning him."

    Another added: "Clever chess moves from Sharon. Failsafe of getting revenge on both Ian and Phil if this goes awry, messaging that she's 'backing out'."

  • Carl Greenwood


    CORONATION Street fans are in tears after Gail Platt was forced to leave her home by Ray Crosby.

    The grandmother – who is played by actress Helen Worth in the ITV soap – has lived in the house since she bought it with ex-husband Martin Platt in 1991.

    But after 30 years it's all over and the Platts have left number eight for a new life on the Dog and Gun estate.

  • Carl Greenwood


    EMMERDALE fans are disgusted after Paul Ashdale brutally attacked son Vinny in the village during his own engagement party.

    The gambling addict – who is played by actor Reece Dinsdale in the ITV soap – was proposed to by Mandy Dingle in tonight’s episode but when Vinny questioned him about not telling her about his gambling, Paul attacked Vinny.

    And viewers were sickened by the scenes.

    One wrote: "If Mandy knew what Paul was doing to Vinnie, she would kill him."

    A second said: "Paul feels no remorse. That vicious b*****d."

  • Carl Greenwood


    Hollyoaks' Diane is pregnant – but who's the father?

    Diane Hutchinson is in shock after discovering she is pregnant – with either husband Tony or his dead dad Edward’s baby.

    The restaurant manager – who is played by actor Alex Fletcher in the Channel 4 soap – broke down as she found out she was expecting just hours after Edward left her his entire estate.

    But who is the daddy?

  • John Hall


    EASTENDERS’ Ian Beale has finally realised that wife Sharon Watts is trying to kill him – after his enemy Max Branning worked it out.

    The businessman – who is played by actor Adam Woodyatt in the BBC soap – is responsible for Sharon’s son’s death and she has become determined to avenge him by murdering Ian.

    On Friday night Max overheard Sharon’s suspicious phone call to the doctors and realised that she could be the one trying to kill Ian – and she isn’t done yet.

    Walking upstairs, he went to see Ian and told him: “It wasn't Tina. I think it could be Sharon.”

  • John Hall


    Faye Windass confesses to attacking Adam Barlow tonight in Coronation Street – and has Ray Crosby arrested for attempted rape.

    The sleazy property developer – who is played by Mark Frost in the ITV soap – manipulated Faye into having sex with him to keep her job after hiring her as assistant manager of the Bistro.

    Faye then attacked Adam Barlow and left him for dead thinking he was her rapist Ray in the soap’s recent whodunit mystery.

    But this week’s episodes will see Faye battle a guilty conscience in the wake of the attack. 

  • John Hall


    Zak Dingle returns to Emmerdale tonight after a long absence.

    The patriarch of the family – who is played by actor Steve Halliwell in the ITV soap – has been living with Debbie Dingle in Scotland for the last year.

    But with Debbie's return, Zak will make his own comeback tonight after driving down to Yorkshire with her young son Jack.

    He will walk into the family war zone with Debbie clashing with mum Charity over her daughter Sarah's issues.

    The character had returned to Emmerdale back in March following a six month break to attend baby Eve’s christening.

    But Sam and Lydia Dingle confirmed that Zack was back in Scotland during their special lockdown episode in June.

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