EastEnders spoilers – Whitney Dean’s life at risk over HUGE Gray Atkins mistake; plus Coronation Street & Emmerdale news

EASTENDERS fans have warned Whitney to watch out as she spies on serial killer Gray Atkins.

Whitney continued to look into what Gray is up to after discovering he lost his job at the law firm during last night's episode.

Gray couldn't land another job in law after his previous boss promised to get him blacklisted from all firms due to his aggressive nature.

Now flipping burgers, he was furious with Whitney after she called him during the day.

This has led fans to worry he could kill her if she discovers his secret.

One fan tweeted their opinion, writing: "Be careful of that dishwasher Whitney!!!!!!!!"

Chantelle, Gray's first wife, was killed after he pushed her onto a knife in the dishwasher. He had been domestically abusing her for years before killing her.

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    How Corrie saved a life (continued)

    “It was very much reward and punishment, so if I’d put on weight I’d be allowed to watch television”, she continued. “I’d watch Coronation Street and escape into it and have that little bit of fire inside me thinking, ‘I can beat this eating disorder — I can get better and go for my dreams’.

    “Eating disorders make you lose sight of a lot of things, but I still dared to dream that I’d be on Corrie one day.”

    Gemma — best known for playing Rachel Breckle in Corrie’s rival soap Emmerdale from 2011-2015 — developed anorexia aged ten following an episode of being bullied at school.

    Just a year later she was so ill she ended up in hospital and was sent to a youngsters’ psychiatric unit. She says: “There were moments when I was on my deathbed and I didn’t even know what day it was.

    “I felt helpless and the easier option was not to be alive any more, rather than live the hell I was enduring.”

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    How Corrie save one star's life

    Gemma Oaten recently debuted on Coronation Street as flirty mum Isla – fulfilling a lifelong career ambition.

    The actress suffered from anoxeria nervosa as a teenager and will receiving treatment 30-minutes on the Cobbles was her lifeline.

    She describes how staff used the ITV soap as a reward, only allowing her to watch it if she had made sufficient effort to eat.

    She said: “I nearly didn’t make it because of the eating disorder. I almost died four times. I spent a lot of my life in hospitals, eating disorder units and psychiatric units. My favourite TV shows got me through.

    “Some of these places were backwards in their approach. The psychiatric unit I was in when I was 11 was brutal.”

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    Who is Ben Hardy? (continued)

    Ben Hardy made an appearance in Call The Midwife as a reporter.

    He also appeared in one episode of Drunk History as King Arthur.

    On the big screen, the actor has starred in X-Men: Apocalypse.

    Ben also played Roger Taylor in the Queen biopic Bohemian Rhapsody.

    His first role on the stage was when he starred in The Judas Kiss with Arthur Wellesley.

    In 2021 Ben returned to TV to star in the BBC's The Girl Before.

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    Explained: Who is Eastenders' Ben Jones?

    Ben Jones, 30, is an English actor who was born January 2, 1991, though he is known professionally as Ben Hardy.

    He was born in Bournemouth, Dorset, and grew up in Sherborne.

    Ben shot to fame playing Peter Beale in EastEnders from 2013-2015.

    He has had roles in television, film and on stage.

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    Mothering instinct? (continued)

    Viewers were quick to question on Twitter last night why Kerry has not visited Amy.

    Some viewers even slammed the show's writers for the "weird set up".

    One tweeted: "It's like Kerry's been parachuted into #emmerdale without having been in it before. Why does she keep going into the village but doesn't try to see Amy who always misses seeing her. No mention of Dan or Amelia, as if she doesn't know them. Totally weird set up by the writers."

    A second wrote: "So again Kerry has forgotten about her real daughter to protect the prisoner's daughter."

    "Kerry you are heartless. You have been in the village on numerous occasions and you can at least check on Amy and Kai or even Dan after his accident or Amelia," said one fan.

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    Mothering instinct?

    Emmerdale viewers have been left confused and questioning Kerry Wyatt as a mother after she 'forgot' about her daughter Amy.

    Recent storylines have followed Kerry making several trips in and out of Emmerdale to protect young Chloe Harris.

    However, eagle-eyed viewers have noticed and questioned why Kerry has not visited her daughter Amy since returning to the Dales.

    Kerry has visited the small village a number of times to check on Chloe but has not been shown reuniting with Amy.

    She has been returning to stop the romance between Chloe and Noah Dingle.

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    Suspicious minds (continued)

    In Tuesday's episode, Whitney called Gray's law firm to discover he no longer works there and has been lying about still being employed there.

    During last night's show, Whitney called Gray while he was on shift at his new job flipping burgers in a fast-food restaurant.

    Gray was furious that Whitney was calling him at work, lying and saying he couldn't talk as he was in a meeting.

    But Whitney didn't buy his lies and now fans are worried Gray will kill her off if she discovers the truth.

    One fan tweeted their opinion, writing: "Be careful of that Dishwasher Whitney!!!!!!!!"

    Chantelle, Gray's first wife, was killed after he pushed her onto a knife in the dishwasher. He had been domestically abusing her for years before killing her.

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    Suspicious minds

    Eastenders fans are fearing for Whitney Dean's life as she continues to investigate Gray Atkins current job situation.

    Fans of the BBC British soap sat on the edges of their seat during Thursday's episode of EastEnders as Whitney continued to look into what Gray is up to after discovering he lost his job at the law firm.

    The lawyer was sacked from the impressive job last month that saw him being one of the highest earners on Albert Square.

    Gray couldn't land another job in law after his previous boss promised to get him blacklisted from all firms due to his aggressive nature.

    After killing his wife Chantelle, which has not yet been revealed, fans are now worried for Whitney's life as she's on a mission to find out what Gray is up to.

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    Who is Chloe's dad on Emmerdale? (continued)

    Viewers know that her "dangerous dad" has been in prison, and that Chloe was related to sister Gemma, who died three years ago.

    Theories have passed back and forth across social media, with audiences convinced that her father must be a character from the soap's past.

    Her surname – Harris – previously sent viewers in a flurry as they linked her with former villain Pierce Harris, who was sent to prison in 2017.

    So when a mysterious man began following Chloe in a car, it was no wonder fans tried their best to catch a proper glimpse to see who it is.

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    Who is Chloe's dad on Emmerdale?

    On Emmerdale's November 18, 2021 episode Emmerdale released more details about Chloe Harris' mysterious criminal father, where they appeared to reveal that he is called "Damon".

    During a scene with Charity Dingle and Mackenzie Boyd, Kerry Wyatt, who has been working as a cleaning maid for Chloe's family, divulged details about her dangerous boss, where she spoke about Damon.

    Viewers went wild over the revelation after weeks of trying to crack the identity of the mysterious criminal.

    Eagle-eyed fans think they have worked out who her dad is – having looked closely at their TVs while Chloe and Kerry were followed by a mysterious car.

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    EASTENDERS SPOILER: Best laid plans (continued)

    Dotty is shocked and relieved when Sandy appears at Ruby’s and she tells her mum she has been saving up for rehab and offers for her a place to stay.

    But breaking the news to Rocky about her mother's return, she explains she needs him to scam Peter for more cash for Sandy’s rehab.

    And when Sandy spies Rocky, she's immediately suspicious.

    The situation adds to Rocky's nerves and he tells Dotty he’s leaving Walford the next day.

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    EASTENDERS SPOILER: Best laid plans

    Is the gig about to be up for Dotty now her mum is back to ruin all her scheming?

    The scheming student now has to worry about getting her addict mother clean – and making sure she doesn't expose Rocky's true identity.

    Rocky has been pretending to be Sonia Fowler's long lost dad so he can get hold of Dot Cotton's inheritance money.

    When in fact he is actually Dotty's uncle Tom.

    Dotty is shocked and relieved when Sandy appears at Ruby’s and she tells her mum she has been saving up for rehab and offers for her a place to stay.

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    Out on the town

    Corrie star Helen Flanagan has wowed her fans in a low cut leopard print dress as she enjoyed a night out on the town.

    The soap actress stunned in the slinky babydoll-style dress as she sat at the bar of a swanky eatery and smiled wide for the camera.

    Helen, 31, who last appeared as Rosie Webster in 2018 after playing her on and off since 2000, looked glamorous in the Instagram stories snap.

    She paired the tiny leopard print dress with minimalistic gold earrings and neatly styled her blonde locks behind her ears to reveal her dewy complexion.

    Helen – who welcomed her third child, Charlie, in March with her fiancé, ex-Celtic footballer Scott Sinclair – completed her look with glam make-up.

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    EMMERDALE SPOILER: In the firing line (continued)

    Meena is clearly not happy when she finally get a pub 'date' with Billy – only for Dawn to turn up.

    Up until her entrance, Meena and Billy were freely flirting, with Meena mentally plotting their future.

    When Dawn interrupts the vibes, viewers will be left worrying for the mum-of-one's safety.

    Will Meena play nicely, or will she continue with her deadly deeds to eliminate her competition?

    ITV boss Kevin Lygo has already teased new winter storylines leading up to Christmas, hinting that Dawn will have to watch her back with Meena still on the prowl.

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    EMMERDALE SPOILER: In the firing line

    Emmerdale's Dawn Taylor is set to put herself in danger as she disrupts Meena Jutla's latest attempt at finding love.

    Now that the serial killer's romance with David Metcalfe has ended she's got her eyes firmly set on fellow singleton Billy Fletcher.

    Billy recently appeared as her knight in shining armour, defending Meena against Amy Wyatt, who reported her to police after the love sick psycho trashed Victoria Sudgen's home.

    Since then Meena has been warming to the thought of a romance with Billy – even if only to make David jealous.

    The problem is that Billy is Dawn's ex and it's been hinted that the former couple still have feelings for one another.

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    'Love you to the moon'

    Eastenders' Lacey Turner paid tribute to her rarely-seen soap star sister on her birthday with stunning bikini snap.

    The Stacey Slater actress revealed her little sister Lily Ruby.

    Lacey, 33, posted a glam shot of her younger sister in a strapless bikini.

    She showed off her washboard stomach in the grey two-piece with tassels as she stretched out on a sun lounger.

    Mum-of-two Lacey wrote: "Happy birthday, Love you to the moon."

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    CORRIE SPOILER: Battle Royale

    Corrie viewers will see Sally Metcalfe and Maria Connor spectacularly clash on the cobbles.

    The pair both have an interest in local politics and are set to go to war over a council seat.

    Trouble kicks off when Sally calls Maria and Mary Taylor together for a meeting about the Christmas Market.

    When Maria reveals that a local councillor has resigned, Mary points out that she and Sally will be locking horns sooner than expected.

    Soon Sally suggests they should join forces instead of running up against one another.

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    'First agent'

    Eastenders star Mica Paris has credited her grandmother as her “first agent”as she collected an MBE at Windsor Castle.

    The London-born artist and actress also hinted that she could make a return to the soap, and teased that her latest album, Motown, includes a “duet with Jimmy Ruffin – even though he’s dead”.

    Paris became a Member of the Order of the British Empire for services to music, entertainment and charity at a ceremony hosted by the Princess Royal on Wednesday.

    The 80s singer, whose real name is Michelle Wallen, said her grandmother Gwendoline Armstrong (nee Birch) was like her “first agent” and loved the monarchy because she felt it gave her family the opportunity to build a life after emigrating from Jamaica.

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    Bag Michelle's style this Christmas

    She has one of the most enviable wardrobes in show-business and now you can bag Michelle Keegan’s signature style as she launches her Christmas collection with Very.

    The former Corrie star, 33, has posed in an array of party-ready outfits including a tiny little black dress.

    The collection also includes stylish knitwear with matching dog jumpers to ensure your Sunday walks are pooch perfect.

    The star looked sensational with her glossy waves swept back and effortlessly minimal makeup.

    Read more here

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    Never going back (continued)

    Samantha told the Daily Star: "It suits me much better in so many ways – the hours, for a start. I'm awful first thing in the morning, I can't function.

    "They say people are either night or morning people – and I'll happily sit up til 5am, but when you're on a soap you have to get up at 5am."

    But that wasn't the only reason, as the actress admitted she has a habit of "falling our with everyone in television" as she gets "irritated" on set.

    "Someone is always telling you what to do with your character and I just get really irritated," Samantha added. "I end up arguing and then getting sacked."

    "Now, I really love my job and I hate losing control over how a story is told," she concluded. "I need something that gives me more creative control."

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    Never going back

    Samantha Womack has ruled out ever returning to EastEnders as she reveals that she argues with the show bosses too much.

    The former soap actress admitted she was always ending up in bust-ups with fellow castmembers and crew before "getting sacked".

    Samantha, 49, who is best known for playing Ronnie Mitchell in the iconic BBC One soap, quit TV in 2017 and turned her attentions to the stage.

    Since then, the former television star has toured the UK as Morticia Addams in the stage production of The Addams Family.

    The mother-of-two has now revealed she doesn't plan to get back into telly as she thinks of herself "more of a theatre actress now".

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    Who is Emmerdale/I'm a Celeb star Danny Miller?

    30-year-old Danny Miller was born on January 2, 1991 and is an English actor.

    He is of course known for playing Aaron Dingle in Emmerdale, for which he has won three British Soap Awards for Best Actor.

    Danny made his television debut when he played Kyle Brown in the BBC kids show Grange Hill.

    In April 2014 the actor played William in the BBC production of Jamaica Inn.

    Danny also joined the cast of Scott & Bailey, in late 2013, as series regular Rob Waddington.

    On November 16, 2021 The Sun revealed how Danny had quit Emmerdale after 13 years.

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    Which Eastenders star is a secret property developer?

    Launching JHD Homes on Instagram back in February 2021, Jaz Deol – Kheerat Panesar – works as a property investor when his filming schedule isn't too gruelling.

    Sharing images of some of his recent projects, he is focusing on properties in South Wales at the moment, and his bio reads: "Passion for creating homes and building long term wealth."

    Fans were initally worried that he would potentially be leaving the soap, but it appears that Jaz just likes to pack out his scheduled and explore other passions.

    Commenting under one image on his property account, the actor and businessman on and off-screen said: "There's no question that market right now is incredibly hot. You could argue the many reasons why but the bottom line is that finding good deals is harder than ever. 

    "How do you know what is a good deal or a bad deal? That's entirely up to you. Key thing is to know your critieria, your why and your level of comfort with risk."

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    Explainer: Which soap stars are heading into I'm A Celeb?

    Emmerdale’s Danny Miller will be entering the castle this Sunday alongside Richard Madeley, Frankie Bridge, David Ginola, Dame Arlene Phillips, ex BBC Breakfast host Louise Minchin, Kadeena Cox, Olympic diver Matty Lee, music producer Naughty Boy, and Radio 1 Xtra DJ Snoochie Shy.

    Then next week, soap icons Adam Woodyatt and Simon Gregson will join the gang as late arrivals.

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    Could Albert Square's longest lasting resident be leaving?

    Adam Woodyatt is on an extended break from the soap where he has played Ian Beale since the show started in 1985 – but he may not return to Walford any time soon.

    The actor, 53, is hoping that his stint on the ITV show will launch a whole new chapter in his career.

    A TV insider said: “He’s excited by the prospect of showing the nation who the real Adam Woodyatt is.

    “He is optimistic it will open the minds of producers who might have previously only thought of him as Ian.

    “And there are plenty of stars who’ve gone on to new things as a result of I’m A Celebrity.”

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