Emmerdale Amelia baby riddle exposed – Kit fling, dad unveiled and Noah murder

Amelia's pregnancy is revealed in Emmerdale tonight (August 25, 2022).

The shock revelation leaves the villagers and Amelia's father Dan stunned, after the news is accidentally blurted out at the school prom.

Tensions ride high after the news, with Dan being held back from attacking Noah – who everyone presumes is the father.

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Noah has previously denied being the father, but fans have recently taken to social media to speculate about whether he is telling the truth.

Meanwhile, other fans have questioned who the father could be – and what lies ahead for Amelia and those around her going into Emmerdale's 50th anniversary episodes.

Here, Daily Star takes a closer look at the fan theories surrounding Amelia.

Kit fling

Viewers were shocked after Kit began a dangerous affair with both Laurel and Gabby, with many fans taking to social media to say they would not be surprised if he has multiple flings in the future.

One said: "What the hell, Kit's making himself busy, working his way through the village."

Following his previous flings, some viewers think that the truth about Amelia's baby's father could be exposed – and that the father is actually Kit.

"My money is on Kit being the father of Amelia's baby," with another adding: "Kit for the dad of Amelia's baby."

“It’s Kit the physio. I’d guess. Nothing to do with a Dingle – hopefully," said a third.

Another agreed: "Oh I hadn’t even thought of that. It makes sense, especially with his new relationship with Laurel. She will find out the truth, he will be locked up, and she will end up with Dan (or back with Jai)."

One fan agreed that Kit being the father might explain why Amelia has not revealed the truth of the baby's paternity yet, adding: "I think it’s going to be someone much older than her, that’s why she’s scared to tell anyone."

Noah murdered

Although Noah has previously denied being the father of Amelia's baby, some fans think that he might be lying.

The two have grown close over recent months, with Noah even attending Amelia's recent baby scan with her, so could he actually be the father?

"Why have I got a feeling that Noah is the father of Amelia's baby after all? Although he denied it," said one fan.

A second agreed: "I think Noah is lying when he said a few weeks ago he wasn't the father of Amelia's baby."

However some fans do not agree, with a third commenting: "I don't think Noah is Amelia's baby daddy it's too obvious."

A fourth added: "I think it is Samson but Noah will be blamed and he will stand by Amelia and take the blame."

It seems that Noah is standing by Amelia, but after her shock baby bombshell to dad Dan, could things take a sinister turn for Noah?

One fan suggested: "Dan won't be happy when he finds out about Amelia and Noah, especially when he finds out she's pregnant."

After viewers picked up that Dan was angry towards Noah, Amelia actress Daisy Campbell revealed to Digital Spy that Dan is furious when Vicar Harriet Finch tells him that she spotted them kissing.

After her pregnancy is revealed at the prom too, she said: "Amelia is mortified that her dad knows and it's not just Dan there. There's a lot of other people there and Amelia is just in shock. That moment is really personal, to tell your family and your close friends."

She added that Dan is "not happy at all".

The actress went on: "He knows what Noah has been like with Chloe and Gabby in the past. But because Amelia is so much younger than Noah as well, Dan is protective over her so he doesn't take to it well at all. There's a massive clash between Noah and Dan."

With Amelia's pregnancy exposed in front of everyone following the feud, will Dan lash out at Noah and cause him harm? Or worse, murder him? Viewers will have to wait and see.

Father revealed

After Noah denied being the father of Amelia's baby, many fans have been speculating who it could actually be.

Actress Daily Campbell also revealed to Inside Soap that viewers will be surprised following the revelation, saying: "You’re going to know very soon and all I’ll say is that I don’t think it’s someone people will expect."

However, some fans think that they have already worked out who the father could be, after Daisy added that it is a character that has not been on screen for a while.

One of the biggest theories is that the father is Heath Hope, who viewers have not seen in quite a while.

"I reckon Heath is the dad… he hasn’t had a good storyline," said one fan, with a second agreeing: "I think it’s Heath, Bob’s son!"

A third commented: "Okay – Noah’s not ‘a teenager’ so that puts him out the picture slightly. Only possible people right now are Samson or Heath."

"Who did Amelia sleep with in Emmerdale, and is Heath Hope the father of her baby?" questioned a fourth.

"I was convinced it was Samson who was the father of Amelia’s baby but totally forgot about Heath the phantom twin nobody sees," said a fifth.

Meanwhile, other fans suggested that the father could be Arthur Thomas, with a sixth adding: "I'm guessing it's either going to be someone random or someone like Heath or Arthur who we don't see a lot of."

"I actually hope it's someone shocking. I like the idea of it being Arthur, especially with Gabby hating Amelia right now, could bring some drama," commented another fan.

Whoever the father may be, it looks like it will not be long until the truth is revealed.

Amelia gives birth for the 50th anniversary

Fans have worked out that Amelia could be due to give birth in time for Emmerdale's 50th anniversary celebrations, which are due to take place during October 2022.

Executive Producer Jane Hudson previously teased to Daily Star and other press that Amelia will play "a big part in the storm when she needs to be found", but did not reveal whether the character will give birth during the 50th anniversary week.

However, it seems very likely that Amelia will give birth in time for the 50th anniversary episode on October 16, 2022 – and fans seem to agree too.

One even thinks that Kim Tate might have a shock baby bombshell of her own alongside Amelia, saying: "Emmerdale boss said that there's an unexpected marriage and a new baby in the coming month, so is it Kim Tate pregnant with Will Taylor's baby in Emmerdale's 50th anniversary, not Amelia, because Amelia's not married.

"Or Kim Tate and Amelia give birth at the the same time?"

Will Amelia give birth for the 50th anniversary? Only time will tell.

Emmerdale airs weeknights on ITV at 7.30pm

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