Emmerdale bosses ‘haven’t decided’ whether Mackenzie Boyd is gay or straight says Lawrence Robb

EMMERDALE bosses have yet to decide on scheming Mackenzie Boyd’s sexual orientation, actor Lawrence Robb has revealed.

Soaps fans have become obsessed with Mackenzie’s flirting with Aaron and are convinced it means the pair are going to get together.

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However actor Lawrence has poured cold water on the theory by insisting bosses still don’t know what they want for Mackenzie.

He told Inside Soap: "It's interesting, as Sam asked him recently, 'Are you gay?' and Mack said 'I can be whatever I want to be', so he's not really anything at the moment.

"I don't think the writers are going down a route of Mack's straight, bisexual or gay, as I think he's just free. 

“And I don't think that Mack's really interested in anything romantic as of yet.

"He's just very in-the-moment, like what happened with Charity."

Lawrence added: “The way I've been playing it thus far, is that Mack would flirt with a lamppost to get to the next point!"

"I think Aaron does fancy Mack in an, 'Oh I shouldn't… but I do' kind of way, and I think Mack knows that and enjoys the attention."

However, the lack of clarity on Mackenzie’s sexual orientation and his repeated flirting with Aaron has seen some viewers brand it “queer-baiting”.

One wrote: “@emmerdale This is just queerbaiting now.”

A second said: “Honestly Mack & Aaron couldn't stop looking, smiling & Flirting with each other. Can't trust you to keep your clothes on. 

“Either @emmerdale are queerbaiting or #Macron are seriously getting it on.”

However, another added: “I really love this banter and chemistry between Aaron and Mackenzie. It's a slow development but it's working really well in my opinion. Can't wait to see where this go. #Emmerdale”

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