Emmerdale double exit as Jeff Hordley speaks out on Cain killing

Emmerdale: Cain threatens his brother Caleb

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Cain Dingle (played by Jeff Hordley) made a surprise return to the village after his son Kyle Winchester (Huey Quinn) confessed to shooting Al Chapman (Michael Wildman). It was a bitter-sweet moment for the mechanic as Kyle was sent to a children’s home on the day of his release. However, in recent scenes in Emmerdale, the youngster was sent back to live with his mum, Amy Wyatt (Natalie Ann Jamieson) on the condition he didn’t see Cain before his trial.

Although, the incident with Kyle isn’t the only drama Cain has had to deal with lately.

His half-brother, Caleb Miligan (Will Ash) arrived in the village in a bid to connect to his long-lost family.

And while Caleb seems too good to be true, he has helped the Dingles by getting both Kyle and Cain an early release.

He also claims that his lawyers will help the schoolboy during his trial.

The newcomer seems to have won over everyone else in the village, but Cain isn’t buying it.

From the moment he saw him, Cain threatened his brother, telling him he’ll kill him.

Although, last week, the tables turned and saw Caleb threatening Cain.

“I’ll stop trying with you because you’re a lost cause but I wish you weren’t I really do,” Caleb told Cain.

He later said: “Come on, Cain you’ve got a record. Could you really be so stupid as to put yourself back inside?

“Cain, just so you know, through a little bit of good luck and a lot of good judgement, I don’t have the tiniest blemish on my record.

“So if I end up doing something terrible to you, I’ll be walking away, you should bear that in mind.”

The tension is clearly building between Cain and Caleb, but would the mechanic carry out one of his threats? And if he does, a double exit from the village could be on the cards?

“There’s always the potential, I think, with the nature of the character,” Jeff told Express.co.uk and other press about Cain killing.

“I mean, fortunately, that hasn’t happened yet.

“That’s the thing, there are only a few characters in the soap world who kill people and are still there. You have to get your comeuppance.

“But because of the nature of Cain’s DNA, I think there’s always potential for that to happen.”

When the soap star was told it would be Cain’s son who pulled the trigger, Jeff said he was relieved it wasn’t him.

He added: “They said, ‘Anyway, you shoot Al’, and I was like, ‘Oh my god, I’ve finally killed someone?’

“Then they went, ‘But it’s Kyle’, and I thought, ‘Yes! Thank you!’ I thought, well, he’s all right, isn’t he? That’s the truth.”

Emmerdale airs weekdays at 7pm on ITV.

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