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NAOMI Anderson has been finding her mark in the Dales and got herself a new beau in the form of Nate Robinson.

However, Emmerdale fans are convinced she was involved in Nicola King's attack and have warned the heartthrob to stay away.

Things began to heat up between the two characters, played by Karene Peter and Jurell Carter, as they shared a kiss during last night's instalment of the Yorkshire-based soap.

But ITV viewers weren't please to see the hunk in the company of the newcomer as seems to have followed her into the eponymous village.

To make things worse, many of them are theorising she could have been part of the gang of teen girls that brutally attacked and mugged Nicola King (portrayed by Nicola Wheeler).

While Nate and Naomi had a romantic moment, viewers jumped on to social media, urging him to run before it's too late.

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One of them penned: "Well, I think that the vicar's daughter in Emmerdale is going to turn out to be one of Nicola’s attackers" as another agreed: "That new girl who’s came in Emmerdale, I think she might be in the gang who attacked Nicola."

A third soap fan fumed: "Naomi is so rude! I defo think she was one of the girls who attacked Nicola."

Some more fans threw in Meena Jutla's name into the mix by speculating Naomi could have gone to prison with the serial killer before rocking up the eponymous village in June, 2022.

"I'm sure Naomi was in prison with Meena and they are planning to kill more people. Meena comes back in October for a few weeks", one fan commented.

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"Naomi is reeling Nate in please don't let it happen he is too nice and she is vile", another added.

Another viewer pointed out: "She's going the same way as Meena", just as one fan jumped in: "It's because Naomi is doing Meena's dirty work for her in prison."

This wouldn't be the first time that Emmerdale fans theorise Naomi could be up to no good as she's shown off her mean streak to Manpreet Sharma during her first few days in the village.


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Since her ITV debut, Naomi seems to be on the side-lines of many troubling situations and her father wasn't exempted from the chaos as he suffered a nasty fall in his church.

Spoilers have hinted Naomi may be the one to blame for Nicola's attack.

But is she really as bad at she seems?

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