Emmerdale fans floored by savage Jamie Tate twist as he returns from the dead

Emmerdale fans were treated to a real shocker in Thursday night's episode (4 November) when it was confirmed that Jamie Tate (Alexander Lincoln) is indeed still alive.

The scenes – in which little Millie Tate (Willow Bell) and Jamie were reunited – were both sinister and sweet. The father-daughter duo were bought together by newcomer Granny Hazel ( Kate Anthony ) and it seems that she and Jamie have been cooking up the plan behind Kim Tate's ( Claire King ) back all along.

There's been speculation around whether or not the vet was still alive after he crashed his car into a lake in soap-tastic style earlier this year.

Fans of the show flocked to Twitter to share their shock and surprise at Jamie's jaw-dropping return.

One person put: "No way! Jamie's alive! #Emmerdale."

Another viewer commented: "Omg Jamie is alive I knew it #Emmerdale."

A third tweeted: "I’m shook that Jamie is aliveeeee #Emmerdale."

Another concerned fan put: "Oh Kim! Omg, so Jamie is still alive & Andrea's mum was part of the plan! She certainly put on a good act. I kind of suspected he wasn't dead, but Andrea's mum was so convincing & she seemed genuine! #Emmerdale."

While a different account added: "I knew it!!!! Jamie’s not dead. I feel sorry for Kim now #emmerdale," followed by crying emojis.

Home Farm matriarch Kim has held out hope that her son was faking his death as his body was never found. Fans have also had their suspicions that Jamie never actually died in the accident.

During a granny showdown outside the church, Kim spoke plainly about her theory.

"I know he is out there somewhere just waiting to choose his moment. He’s coming… I know he is," she insisted.

Hazel, who fans recognise from Coronation Street, then dubbed her "deluded" and things only got tougher for Kim when Millie decided she'd like to leave Home Farm to go and live with Hazel.

After a heartfelt goodbye, Kim broke down back at the house with Will as she seemed to finally accept the idea that Jamie may really be dead.

However, it turns out Kim was right all along. As Hazel and Millie pulled up at Hazel's house, Jamie appeared in the driveway with a massive smile on his face.

After a touching reunion with Millie, Jamie made his feelings about his mum clear: "It’s finally over. I never have to step foot in that hellhole of a house again. She can stay in there and rot all on her own. "

Kim remains none the wiser and so far there are no plans for the Alexander return to Emmerdale. However, viewers now know that Jamie is in fact alive and at large.

Emmerdale continues on weekdays at 7pm on ITV.

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