Emmerdale reveals when Priya will exit after Amba's kidnap

Back in October, it was revealed Fiona Wade would soon leave her Emmerdale role as Priya Sharma.

Tonight, it was confirmed the character will leave the village tomorrow.

Priya’s final few days in the village have, of course, not been easy.

She started the week hosting an event at Take a Vow with Leyla (Roxy Shahidi), who was really looking forward to meeting a posh businessman from London.

During the day, Priya was haunted by her past when a candle fell over.

Despite the fact the flame created only a small fire, it felt massive to Priya as she was reminded of the ordeal that saw her sustain life-changing injuries in the maze fire back in 2021.

Priya eventually calmed down and found Justin, explaining what happened to her and why she left the event in such a panic.

Justin was moved by Priya’s honesty and ended up offering her the job in London, rather than Leyla.

Tonight, as Priya packed up her belongings, she soon discovered a very desperate David (Matthew Wolfenden) had taken their daughter, Amba.

Fearing David would take Amba out of the country, Priya dashed around and enlisted help from Leyla.

Eventually, David returned home with the young girl in tow, somewhat heartbroken he’s now facing yet another loss.

Almost losing her daughter made Priya reach one conclusion – leaving next week is a bad idea.

They’re going tomorrow.

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