Emmerdale spoilers: Charity Dingle hits the booze after Vanessa Woodfield dumps her and takes back son Johnny

CHARITY Dingle turns to the bottle this week in Emmerdale after Tracy drops the bombshell that Vanessa Woodfield has already taken back her son Johnny. 

Vanessa asked Charity to be Johnny’s guardian if she doesn’t survive her battle with cancer, but Charity put her foot in things when she cheated with newcomer Mackenzie. 

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Charity convinced herself that Vanessa had gone off her after repeatedly changing plans to come home and ignoring her. 

And after heading out for a drive to clear her head, she ended up crashing her car and, in an odd turn of events, kissed the other driver.

Vanessa quickly got wind of Charity's antics and ended things with her during a video call.

This week’s episodes of Emmerdale will see Charity continue to reel from the shock turn of events.

In the cafe, Charity does some digging for further information about Mackenzie, telling Cain she needs Mackenzie to back her up and say their kiss meant nothing. 

Meanwhile, Mackenzie roams around the village and tries to steal Jamie’s new car. 

Charity witnesses Mackenzie’s crime and attempts to blackmail him, threatening to tell Jamie everything unless he backs up her story to Vanessa. 

But Charity realises she’s only made matters worse when it becomes clear that Tracy is listening. 

Later, Chas offers to cover for Charity while she visits Vanessa overnight and tries to repair their relationship. 

But the following day, Sarah and Noah are stunned when Charity arrives home and tells them she cheated on Vanessa.

Charity is devastated when Noah tells her she’s ruined everything and later turns to the bottle.

Tracy is disgusted when she finds Charity drowning her sorrows and tells her she only brought this upon herself. 

Later, Charity asks her if she can take Johnny to see Vanessa and remind her of the family they had, but Tracy tells her that Johnny is already with Vanessa.

Tracy then drops another bombshell that shatters Charity’s hopes of reuniting with Vanessa once and for all. 

What is Tracy about to reveal?

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