Emmerdale spoilers: Kim Tate horrified as son Jamie moves back into Home Farm

KIM Tate is horrified as her son Jamie moves back into Home Farm next week in Emmerdale. 

Kim cast Jamie out of Home Farm and cut him out of his inheritance after discovering he was the mystery person who’d been poisoning her back in July. 

Jamie prepared to move to Liverpool, while Gabby planned to move out of Home Farm and start a new life with her mother Bernice Blackstock.

But Jamie arrived as she was packing her bags and announced he wanted to be there for her and the baby. 

Gabby quickly realised it was all an act to get back into his mother’s good books.

However, in a shock twist, Gabby agreed to help Jamie ingratiate himself with Kim but demanded something in return – half of his assets. 

Next week, Kim is stunned when she discovers that Jamie is living under her roof again.

Will Kim rumble his and Gabby’s plan?

Elsewhere next week in Emmerdale, there’s drama as Wendy finally urges Victoria not to give Russ any money – and that he’s been blackmailing her over a huge secret. 

Victoria tries to call the police but Russ arrives and, reaching into his coat, pulls out a gun.

After taking Vic and Wendy’s phones, Russ locks the door to the Hide and holds them hostage.

As Russ points the gun at Victoria and demands she transfer the money to him, armed police arrive on the scene.

Disaster strikes as Jacob, Dan and Bob hear a shot fire from outside the Hide. 

Has one of them been injured?

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