Emmerdale spoilers: Loan shark Connor disappears after showdown with Paul and Vinny

LOAN shark Connor disappears after a furious showdown with Paul and Vinny next week in Emmerdale. 

Paul enlisted Connor’s help to stage his own kidnapping last month in order to scam Liv and Mandy into paying off his debt.

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But this week, Vinny spots the van Paul was kidnapping in sitting at the scrapyard and confronts him, leading Paul to beat him to a pulp. 

Next week, Vinny will wake up in hospital following Paul’s violent outburst. 

Paul panics as he hears from Aaron that Liv has already called the police about Vinny’s attack. 

Vinny is on the verge of confessing everything when he sees Paul approaching and clams up. 

When Paul has a go at Liv for calling the police, her suspicions are aroused. 

But when Liv continues to question Paul, Vinny tells her to leave to avoid more confrontation. 

The following day, Vinny discharges himself from hospital with the encouragement of Paul. 

When Liv continues to question Paul’s story and keeps mentioning Connor, Paul tells Vinny to get rid of her – or else. 

Liv is gutted when Vinny ends their relationship, but getting dumped only spurs her on to discover the truth about what’s going on.

Meanwhile, Aaron and Mack set off on a mission to find Connor, who’s nowhere to be found.

Will the truth about Paul’s abuse come bursting out? 

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