Emmerdale spoilers: Luke Posner drunkenly confesses his dark secret to girlfriend Victoria Sugden

EMMERDALE'S Luke Posner drunkenly confesses his dark secret to girlfriend Victoria Sugden.

The chef – played by Max Parker in the ITV soap – has been lying about his sexuality for months… and is finally about to come clean.

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Luke has been secretly messaging Ethan Anderson behind Victoria's back on a gay dating app.

But when Ethan found out it was him, he threatened to tell his girlfriend and Luke pleaded him not to.

Later on the two were having a discussion and Luke's mum Wendy walked in on them and sensed there was something wrong.

Ethan stormed off and Wendy went after him to ask what was going on between the two.

The aspiring lawyer told her that she needed to ask her son, and after some reluctance, Luke eventually told her that he was gay.

He explained that the only person he's ever loved was a man and when his brother Lee found out, he attacked him because he didn't agree with it – leaving Wendy devastated.

This week Luke wakes up in a mess as he tries to figure out how to tell Victoria what he's been hiding.

Wendy manages to persuade her son to tell his girlfriend about his altercation with Lee.

However Victoria starts to get confused as Luke won't fully tell the truth about how he's feeling.

Wendy later decides to intervene and tell her the full story.

Victoria is left shocked when the penny finally drops.

Will Luke and Victoria be able to make things work?

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