Emmerdale spoilers: Moira Dingle forced to murder Nate Robinson in Cain showdown?

Moira (played by Natalie J. Robb) and Cain (Jeff Hordley) might be at their worst place yet on Emmerdale, with a relationship full of lies and deceit.

Moira betrayed her husband when she kissed newcomer Nate (Jurell Carter) in steamy barn scenes during this week’s episodes of the ITV soap.

Yet the problem stems much deeper, and Cain is definitely not blameless after neglecting his wife for the last several months.

The couple have had their ups and downs, but have always remained loyal to each other in the end. Is the relationship about to snap if Moira kills farmhand Nate?

The storyline explodes heading into the autumn as Scottish character Moira discovers Nate’s true intentions are actually rather sinister.

He has been planning to destroy the couple’s relationship and life together in the quiet village, but all will eventually be revealed.

Viewers have been speculating Nate is connected to the family in a very unexpected way for a while, with many convinced the character is Cain’s secret love child.

If abandoned by his father and determined to avenge his mother, Nate could be harbouring enough fury to destroy the Dingles completely.

What’s more, Nate has been supporting Amy Wyatt (Natalie Ann Jamieson) in trying to get custody of her young son Kyle again in the Yorkshire Dales.

Does he have another reason for doing so?

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There will be lots of drama and ramifications for all characters involved

Kate Brooks

The summer will continue to see Moira fighting temptation from the hunky farmer as she desperately tries to repair her marriage to Cain.

And now executive producer Kate Brooks has confirmed that the plot will come to a head in action- packed October episodes.

Moira has killed during this special week before as it was in 2017 she pushed Emma Barton (Gillian Kearney) off the bridge viaduct in the village.

Viewers also know Moira would do anything to protect her family and husband from external forces, and she told Nate he had no idea what she was capable of.

But what if her relationship with Cain deteriorates to the point he ends up blackmailing or manipulating her into murdering Nate to save their marriage?

If the village mechanic discovers Moira has cheated on him with the younger man, all bets could be off.

Kate teased: “Moira is married to ultimate bad boy Cain, so when he does find out, it will be explosive.

“There will be lots of drama and ramifications for all characters involved.

“We get to the core of why this affair has happened and the ramifications of it.”

“This will all come to a head in October – we like a big week in October to set the autumn schedules alight. This will all come out then and honestly, it’s a massive week of drama.

“It’s very story led – a lot of tears, a lot of action and a lot of heartbreak,” the writer added.

Elsewhere in the Yorkshire Dales, Cain’s life could be turned upside down even more if Graham Foster sets in motion a plan to bring Joe Tate (Ned Porteous) back to the village.

Emmerdale continues Monday at 7pm on ITV.

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