Emmerdale viewers convinced they know who Meena will kill next after brutal swipe about split

EMMERDALE fans are speculating that Meena Jutla's next fatal victim is Amy Wyatt after an intense showdown.

Viewers are speculating Emmerdale's next big murder victim to be Amy after she poked fun at serial killer Meena.

Amy brutally took a swipe at Meena's recent break-up from boyfriend David Metcalfe.

The pair entered into an argument after it was revealed David had chosen to move on with Victoria Sugden.

Sticking up for her friend Victoria, Amy began rubbing Meena's nose in her misfortune not knowing how deadly that could be.

Viewers of the ITV soap think Amy took the digs a little too far and could now be in a spot of danger.

During Thursday's episode viewers shared their opinions and thoughts on Twitter.

One viewer tweeted: "Amy's going to die!!!!!"

Another fan wrote: "I'd keep your distance from Meena if I were you Amy Mind you they both have something in common as they've both murdered people."

"Careful Amy you will end up on the kill list," said another.

A fourth said: "Amy playing with fire."

Meena's anger developed later in the episode after she found out David and his new beau Victoria had taken a family trip to Portugal.

In a fit of rage, Meena broke into Amy and Victoria's place and smashed it up.

She threw most of their belongings on the floor as she shouted and screamed.

Hinting that Meena would kill Amy, Meena hid in a cupboard with a large heavy ornament to use on Amy had she been discovered.

Luckily, she wasn't, this time.

It comes as yesterday's episode also caused fans to scratch their heads as Kerry Wyatt appeared to 'forget' about her daughter Amy Wyatt.

Recent storylines have followed Kerry making several trips in and out of Emmerdale to protect young Chloe Harris.

However, eagle-eyed viewers have noticed and questioned why Kerry has not visited her daughter Amy since returning to the Dales.

Emmerdale airs weekdays on ITV at 7pm.

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