Eternals is Marvel’s most magnificent tale yet with jaw-dropping twists – review

Walking out of the British Gala Screening of Marvel’s Eternals, the film studio that has dominated the UK box office for more than a decade looks set to continue its success with its latest superhero offering.

Eternals is based around a group of characters of the same name; immortal beings each with a different ability, whose purpose is to protect mankind from villains known as the Deviants.

Yet while the premise of immortal superheroes sounds all one-note, this is by far Marvel’s most magnificent tale yet – a big, bold production with emotional depth, plenty of laugh-out-loud moments, and characters who are certain to become fan-favourites.

Whereas the previous Marvel phases introduced the characters in separate films, Chloe Zhao crafted a brilliant introduction to multiple characters in Eternals who, although are known as a group, each have their own story to tell, from Angelina Jolie’s goddess Thena, to the backstory between Gemma Chan’s Sersi and Richard Madden’s Ikaris.

The film cleverly introduces fans to them all in such a way that within the first hour of Eternals, they'll feel like the characters have always been there.

And of course they have, having been on earth for thousands of years, even during the blip when Thanos erased half of the world’s population.

The question is – why didn’t the Eternals help the Avengers?

The plot addresses this question very quickly in the first 15 minutes, much to the satisfaction of viewers, who are probably all asking themselves the same question, while making amusing nods to the Avengers and other pop culture characters in this two-hour spectacular addition to the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Like other Marvel films, it is full of epic action sequences between the Eternals and the Deviants, but what sets the story apart is that the Eternals are not presented like indestructible beings.

From the first minute, each character’s vulnerabilities are on show – from their relationships to their chemistry as a family and finding their place in the world, making the Eternals instantly relatable and characters viewers quickly grow to love.

Of course there are laugh-out-loud moments, something we’ve come to expect from Marvel films of recent years, which provide light relief amongst the emotion that runs through the plot.

There’s also some jaw-dropping plot twists in the second half of the film that show that the comic book powerhouse has a few tricks left up their sleeves, and there’s still more to come.

This is only further emphasised by the final scenes and post-credit scene, but to elaborate would reveal too much – and this is a film that truly needs to be experienced in all its magnificence.

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