Eurovisions most awkward blunders from wrong winner to stage invader

Eurovision Song Contest: Liverpool residents prepare to be hosts

The first ever Eurovision Song Contest hit screens in 1956 and it’s not surprising the live event sees the occasional mishap when broadcast around the world.

Eurovision is the longest-running annual televised music competition, as well as one of the world’s longest-running programmes.

As Mae Muller heads to Liverpool to represent the United Kingdom with I Wrote A Song, has rounded up some of the most memorable moments.

We’ve listed the most embarrassing and awkward blunders the stars involved probably wish people would forget.

From wardrobe malfunctions to technical problems and stage invaders, we relive some of the most cringe-worthy Eurovision moments.

Fingers crossed the 2023 edition won’t provide any extras for next year’s list.

The first-ever nul points

20 years ago in 2003, the UK made Eurovision history but not for the right reasons.

Jemini suffered technical issues during their performance of Cry Baby, and Louis Walsh later branded it “a disgrace”.

Years later in 2021, James Newman went on to achieve nul points for the UK once again.

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Terry Wogan announces wrong winner

Thankfully, this didn’t happen in the finale, but was nonetheless awkward for presenter Terry Wogan.

During BBC’s Making Your Mind Up in 2007, a competition for the UK’s Eurovision entry, Terry stated Cyndi was the winner.

However, unfortunately for Cyndi, Scooch had in fact won the competition.

Wardrobe malfunctions

In 2009, Dima Bilan, who won the 2008 Eurovision Song Contest, attempted to make an iconic entrance which went badly wrong.

A harness was connected to his back, but as he landed on the stage and tried to free himself of it but got caught up.

A few dancers had to assist him from the awkward moment, so it was definitely noticed.

Stage crashers

In 2010, Spain’s act Daniel Diges was on stage performing Algo Peqeñito.

During the song, someone invaded the stage, distracting everyone before being chased away by security.

More recently in 2018, the UK’s SuRie hadn’t been singing for long when someone rushed onto the stage to wreak chaos.

Thankfully, the programme allowed her to restart but it wasn’t enough to help her win the competition.

Sound issues

In 1990, Azúcar Moreno was also representing Spain with his entry, Bandidio.

Disaster struck when the backing track and the orchestra fell out of sync with each other, which led to missed cues from the singers.

The duo left the stage following the awkward mishap but were allowed to restart because the blunder hadn’t been their fault.

Smashed trophies

Danish presenter Soren Pilmak was hosting the 2001 Eurovision, but sadly things didn’t go smoothly for him.

While showing the audience the trophy, he ended up smashing it.

To make matters worse, the mortified presenter yelled “s***” into his mic.

Timing issues

Back in 1981, Yugoslavia had the world in fits of laughter in a moment which was slightly embarrassing for the spokesperson.

The Dublin host had asked for the country’s results a few times, but it was clear something had gone wrong.

The Yugoslavian spokesperson soon responded: “I don’t have it,” which had audiences in hysterics.


In 1998, something happened on stage that every performer dreads.

The winner Dana International from Israel’s moment of glory soon turned awkward.

As she went to lift the trophy, she stumbled and fell over on live TV with the trophy in hand.

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