Ferne McCann says she’ll never date another Love Island star again after Jordan Hames and Charlie Brake drama – The Sun

FERNE McCann says she'll never date another Love Island star again after the drama with exes Jordan Hames and Charlie Brake.

The 29-year-old says she almost gave up on finding The One after a string of failed relationships.

In a teaser clip of the new series of First Time Mum, Ferne admitted to flirting "with five different guys" to make sure she's not single when she's 30.

But opening up to The Sun Online today, the mum-of-one insisted she's realised the only way she is going to find love is by not looking for it.

"I wish there was someone special in my life, but there isn't right now," Ferne told The Sun Online.

"I almost surrendered and gave up because I felt I was chasing it.

"You'll see on the series that I put so much pressure on myself to find someone that I was almost setting myself up for disappointment.

"I was like 'right, I need to meet someone… who is going to marry me?'

"But I'm so busy with Sunday and work that it would have to be someone very special."

Ferne has had a number of high-profile flings with reality TV stars since she was left broken-hearted by her ex-boyfriend Arthur Collins.

He was jailed in December 2017 for his involvement in a nightclub acid attack just days after she told him she was expecting their first child together.

Moving on from the past, Ferne has been dating again as she juggles life as a single parent.

"I've changed so much," admits Ferne.

"I've had to grow up overnight.

"With everything I've been through, it can't not change you.

"Until you're faced with something you don't realise how resilient you are. I feel like a completely different person.

"Before Sunday I was a party girl with no responsibilities. It's all changed for the better."

At the end of last year Ferne was dating millionaire Charlie Brake who appeared on Love Island.

The pair enjoyed a brief, but passionate relationship and he even starred on her last series of First Time Mum.

Over the summer she was snapped snogging Love Island's Jordan soon after he left the villa, but sadly romance didn't last long between them.

When quizzed on what really happened, she teased fans that all will be revealed in her new series First Time Mum.

Ferne said: "If I date someone who happens to be in the public eye, then fine, but it's not on my check list.

"Definitely no more Love Islanders put it that way."

The new series will show baby Sunday growing into a toddler as she starts to walk and talk.

"Being a single parent can be really, really tough," Ferne admits.

"Doing it on your own is what is most challenging. Everyone feels the mum guilt, leaving your child to go to work.

"I try to spend as much time with her as I possibly can and the show helps me do that.

"It has followed me throughout my pregnancy, giving birth and then learning how to be a mum.
"She's so much more animated now and has a real personality now. She's in the terrible twos so it's going to be fun."

  • Ferne McCann: First Time Mum returns to ITVBe tonight at 9pm.

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