First Dates hopeful left humiliated after asking a waitress for X-rated dessert

Channel 4's matchmaking programme First Dates has returned, taking a trip down memory lane at those who had previously been unlucky in love.

While on the search for love, AJ managed to convince his date, Mula, that the famous restaurants served X-rated desserts.

The two appeared to hit it off as they sat at the table laughing and joking as their date progressed to the final course of their meal.

Playing the joker, AJ stepped in pretending to be a waiter at the swanky eatery and recommended the best sweet that they had to offer.

While perfecting her makeup, Mula asks: "Have you got desserts?

A cheeky AJ responds: "We have a very good dessert for you, the blowjob is very good, I recommend it for you."

After taking his seat, Mula suggests AJ orders the sweet treat but he insists: "It's on the menu."

When it came to ordering their pudding Mula was left horrified after falling for her dates lewd trick, asking the waitress: "Do you do the blow job dessert?" the pair instantly fell into fits of giggles with Mula looking horrified.

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The stunned waitress struggled to contain her laughter as she said: "Last time I checked the menu it wasn't on there, I think that's one of his specials."

Taking to Twitter moments after, one viewer penned: "Can't believe she believed they had a blowjob dessert #firstdates."

While a second seemed less impressed, adding: "AJ stop it FFS #FirstDates."

A third tweeted: "This AJ Guy is so cringe #firstdates."

The pair went on to horrify viewers, even more, when they discussed their bowel movements following a gruelling work out session.

After revealing he had been going to the gym and using protein shakes that "messed" with his stomach, Mula boldly asked: "Do you get diarrhoea?"

Looking on in horror, AJ asked Mula what she meant by her forward question.

"I've been getting diarrhoea. I've been using this waist trainer. You put it on, super tight, and gives you diarrhoea," she recalled.

Despite her upset tummy and humiliating dessert order, the pair left the First Dates restaurant in a cab together.

First Dates airs Wednesday's at 10pm on Channel 4.

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