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WITH the trauma of his rape weighing heavy on his mind, Ben Mitchell fails to cope with his day-to-day life.

This week in EastEnders, he takes out his frustrations on everyone around him and makes a lot of enemies. Get the lowdown.

1. Ben spirals out of control

Everything feels out of place for Ben Mitchell (portrayed by Max Bowden).

Aside from his broken marriage and feud with Peter Beale, whom he attacked by mistake, the troublemaker also has to deal with the lingering trauma of his rape.

As BBC One viewers remember, Ben was assaulted by Lewis Butler in harrowing scenes.

Since then, he hasn't behaved like himself and is raising concerns across Albert Square.

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Rocky Cotton (Brian Conley) badgers Ben about his behaviour and Kathy Beale (Gillian Taylforth) decides to pay her troubled son a visit at The Arches.

Kathy recommends that Ben sees a specialist but their conversation is interrupted by the arrival of James, a customer who the mechanic went to school with.

The pair briefly catch up but Ben eventually leads James to the car lot to purchase a car and when the customer gets flirty, he's left feeling uncomfortable.

Tensions continue to simmer between Ben and Rocky and when he gets fed up of the way he treats Kathy, the former con man snaps at Ben.

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Rocky gives him some harsh truths but the situation quickly escalate and Ben's violent tendencies are back.

As he goes to punch Rocky, Kathy steps in to protect her partner – and gets the hit instead.

Ben ends up crashing on Jay Brown (Jamie Borthwick) and Honey Mitchell's sofa, but the latter is less than pleased to have him there.

Tensions arise again but he eventually apologises to both Honey and Kathy.

When she mentions the help of a professional, Kathy is at the receiving end of Ben's anger, once again and makes a difficult choice.

She tells him she'll be giving him the silent treatment until he decides to get help.

Feeling more alone than ever, Ben bumps into James and agrees to go out drinking with him.

Their evening ends at The Arches, where they kiss – and Ben agrees to take drugs with James.

2. Jags' death is revisited

But while many residents seem to be turning their backs on him, Ben finds a shoulder to lean on whenever Kheerat Panesar (Jaz Deol) approaches him.

However, this could drastically change as Ben will be revealing his part in Jags Panesar's death.

Kheerat's brother was beaten to death in prison after he got on the wrong side of a gang.

Ben had called off the protection set up for Jags in a fit of rage – but the Panesars were never told about it.

Coming up, Kheerat is firstly surprised to see Ben, who is meant to be on leave, at The Arches and tries to offer him some words of advice.

The businessman goes even further and asks Ben's estranged husband Callum to check in on him, worried for his well-being.

Whether the police officer will accept remains to be seen but Ben continues to spiral and eventually takes drugs to try and cope during an evening with an old school friend.

The following day, Ben wakes up in The Arches and tries to cover when Kheerat arrives, hiding the drugs from the previous night and dismissing all of Kheerat's concerns.

But Kheerat doesn't back away and shares some sentimental words about their friendship.

Little does he know that, meanwhile, Ben is awash with guilt over his part in Jags' death and, self-loathing, he takes more drugs before bumping into his father Phil.

Matters get worse when Ben causes a scene at Peggy's and, realising he is high, Kheerat takes him back to his family home, demanding his sister Ash takes a look at him.

Ben refuses their help but, again, Kheerat is just as stubborn.

The guilt is too hard to handle for Ben and he eventually tells the Panesars he killed Jags – he called off his protection.

How will Kheerat and his family react?

3. Suki makes a touching gesture

The Panesars are in for quite the storm as Suki (Balvinder Sopal) will also have to admit how she was involved in her son's death.

But before she can come clean, the businesswoman sheds her villain image to make an effort for her son and his partner, Stacey Slater (Lacey Turner).

This may come as a shock to viewers as Suki is mostly known for her scheming and her treacherous antics.

She's even had a feud with the owner of Stacey's Baps.

But when her daughter Ash (Gurlaine Kaur Garcha) gives her a warning, Suki has a surprising change of heart and invites Stacey to dinner.

Convinced Suki is trying to play tricks on her and all too familiar with her conniving nature, Stacey brings her children with her.

Her wariness turns to guilt when she realises Suki really has made an effort for her.

Kheerat joins them and feels grateful to see his mother put her best foot forward for him and Stacey.

Is everything as it seems or is Suki planning something?

4. Avery dies

Mere weeks after his arrival in Albert Square, Avery Baker (Omar Lye-Fook) is already bowing out.

The character is set for an emotional death this week as he battles terminal cancer.

Coming up, Avery is desperate to go to an old restaurant that he used to eat at with Mitch when they were younger.

Knowing his brother is too weak to make the trip and doesn't have much time left, Mitch comes up with another idea.

In later scenes, he leads Avery to the launderette where the latter is surprised with a Caribbean-themed party.

The party is in full swing with actor Matthew Morrison taking on the role of drag queen Tara Misu, his character Felix's alter ego.

Avery and Mitch reminisce and the former thanks his younger brother for all he's done.

Mitch talks to his sibling in his dying moments and Avery passes away.

5. Felix and Finlay get shocking news

But despite him breathing his last, Avery has one bombshell for both of his sons, Felix and Finlay (Matthew Morrison and Ashley Byam).

In The Vic, Karen hands Mitch a letter from Avery, leading the cabbie to make a shocking discovery about his brother.

And when Finlay and Felix prepare an extravagant funeral for their father, Mitch debates how he should tell them about what Karen found.

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Tune in from Monday to Thursday on BBC One.

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