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BIG Brother fans have branded Chanelle the "worst housemate ever" after she appeared to cruelly snub fan favourite Yirun last night.

Yinrun, who is from Shanghai, China but lives in Harrogate, was having a conversation with dental therapist Chanelle about the places she had visited in Wales.

Customer support agent Yinrun told the Chanelle, who is from Llanelli in south west Wales, that she had visited Llandudno, which is a coastal town in north Wales.

After Yinrun's multiple attempts to try and pronounce the town, Chanelle appeared to have no idea what she was talking about and said she was not familiar with the north.

But some eagle-eyed fans have called Chanelle out for being "rude" and for "acting ignorant".

One wrote: "Chanelle knew that Yinrun was trying to say Llandudno but decided to pretend she didn’t know north Wales… she’s become my least favourite housemate in the space of two days."



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"I thought exactly the same thing ! I’ve never even been to the place and I knew where Yinrun was trying to say. People really think Chanelle is nice you know," a second said.

A third commented: "I feel like Chanelle could have tried to look a bit interested/tried to understand what Yinrun was saying rather than shutting her down due to not knowing north wales and moving the conversation on so quickly, it’s not like she was trying to name a very obscure place in Wales."

"Why was Chanelle acting ignorant? She knows exactly what Yinrun is saying. It's just plain rude," a fourth raged.

Another commented: "Yup she was horrid, deliberately letting Yinrun know she was not interested in what she was saying by not engaging with her properly. If anyone else had said it she would have been responding. Subtle bullying by exclusion. Chanelle is actually a horrid person."

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This person fumed: "Even *if* she didn't know what she meant she could have at least tried to engage in the conversation but she just clearly CBA. I found this really rude too."

Another unhappy viewer added: "She wouldn't even look at Yinrun when she was speaking, I genuinely think Chanelle is the worst out of the four."

On Big Brother Late and Live last night, it was revealed for their penultimate shopping task, the group will take it in turns as outsiders enter the house.

In a preview clip, the ITV2 housemates were seen locked in what seems to be a clear box in the middle of the house as their parents secretly enter.

The video showed Chanelle, appearing in shock as her dad entered the property to address her from behind.

As she broke down in tears, he greeted her daughter as he said: "Hiya babes!"

Host Will Best explained to viewers: "So for this week's task, housemates are gonna take it in turns to become security guards and decide which intruders can have access to the house.

"And as we've seen, the intruders are the housemates' friends and family.

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"So housemates have to just remain silent the whole way, the whole time."

He added: "And I think that's the toughest task yet, Big Brother is yanking the heartstrings like nobody's business."

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