Gardeners’ World star Monty Don shares secret to protecting tomatoes: Strip them off

Monty Don warns never eat the green part of potatoes

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Gardening expert Monty Don has opened up about his special technique for protecting his tomato plants. BBC viewers often get tips from the presenter on Gardeners’ World, but he also regularly blogs about his gardening adventures on his website. In a recent post, Monty detailed his methods for tending to tomato plants and let his fans in on his gardening secrets.

In a post on his website Monty opened up about his long list of summer gardening jobs.

The BBC presenter highlighted that tomato plants are one of his main focuses in July.

He detailed advice on not only how to plant tomatoes, but also keep them protected and healthy throughout the summer months.

The gardening expert explained he doesn’t plant his outdoor tomatoes until June.

However, he explained once he has planted them, the tomatoes need lots of care and attention.

He wrote: “Once they are in the ground they will grow strongly and need regular tying up.

“This is, of course, if you are growing cordon tomatoes rather than bush or determinate varieties.

“The latter can be propped up rather like an herbaceous plant rather than tied regularly in,” he explained.

Monty continued: “As I tie them with soft twine I pinch out the side shoots and then water them.

“I do not feed the outdoor ones as our soil is plenty rich enough and they had a good mulch of compost just before planting, but the indoor tomatoes will have a weekly seaweed feed at the same time.”

However, Monty revealed gardeners need to take extra precautions with the plants as they head further into the summer.

The BBC gardening pro explained the changes in weather can have a big impact on tomato plants, so it’s important to protect them from the changing climate.

Monty wrote: “From late July the risks of blight increase, dependant as it is upon the combination of high humidity and warm days and nights.”

He revealed his top tip for protecting the plants against the warmer weather.

“The best defence for outdoor tomatoes is good ventilation and stripping off the lower leaves as the fruits develop helps this, as well as helping the ripening tomatoes have maximum exposure to sun,” the presenter explained.

Despite tomatoes being a main focus for Monty in July, it is not his only summer gardening job.

Other important July jobs he listed on his website include: cutting back early flowering perennials, pruning of apples and pears, staking, and cutting hedges.

Monty also made it clear he does a lot of harvesting in the summer month as he noted a number of home grown foods he pays close attention to at this time of year.

He revealed picking raspberries, sweet peas, garlic and shallots is something he always does in July.

More details can be found on Monty’s website:

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