Glenn Close Disguised Herself as Joe Biden on Election Day as She Urged Fans to Vote Democrat

Glenn Close encouraged her fans to ride the blue wave in the 2020 presidential election.

Posting to Instagram on Tuesday, the 73-year-old actress shared a series of shots of herself donning a Joe Biden mask, which she accessorized with a sweater that bore the campaign slogan of the former vice president, 77, and his running mate, Kamala Harris.

"Joe is feeling GOOD," Close wrote alongside the post, before she added that her Havanese dog Pip was too in her caption. "GO JOE AND KAMALA!!!!"

Close's look was made complete with a pair of blue jeans, dark-colored boots and a black shirt that she wore under her Biden sweater, as well as a pair of sunglasses that she sported on top of her mask.

The Fatal Attraction actress also included a slew of hashtags with her caption, including "#wewillgethtroughthistogether" and "#joebidenforpresident2020," as well as "#ivoted," "#voteblue2020," and "#proudtovoteforawoman."

Fans of the Oscar-nominated star wrote in the comments section of her Instagram post, where many applauded the actress for her sense of humor amid a more than turbulent year and election cycle.

"Go Biden!!! Dump Trump!" one user wrote as another added, "Love ur sense of humor #votehimout- Trump" beside a thumbs down emoji.

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For Close, the Biden mask that she wore in her Election Day post wasn't the first time that she emulated one of the presidential hopefuls.

On Saturday, Close donned a Halloween costume that fans dubbed as looking reminiscent of a homeless Donald Trump. Though the actress didn't explicitly say she was portraying Trump, 74, in the photographs, Close sported a fake spray tan and blonde wig, which led many to believe she was.

Elsewhere on her Instagram account this week, Close also shared a lengthy video on Monday, which she captioned, "Thoughts on the eve of our Election Day."

Sitting beside her canine companion in her backyard, The Wife star said she wanted to "speak from my heart," before she shared her thoughts and views on the 2020 presidential election.

"I have never loved their country more," she said. "Because I have seen in the last four years how things are being — not done for the American people — but for another elite. And it's just not right."

She added: "We have to get back to our personal responsibilities as citizens of this country and we have to expect from our leaders, public service. They are elected by us to serve us, the people."

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