Good News: ‘Queer Eye’ Just Got the Green Light To Continue Filming Season 6!

Season 5 of Queer Eye dropped on Netflix what feels like forever ago, and if you’ve already watched every single episode, chances are you’re currently in Fab Five withdrawal and you want more. While distracting oneself with TV isn’t always the answer when real life gets overwhelming, Queer Eye’s focus on love and acceptance seems more on point than ever, so the good news is that the wait for season 6 shouldn’t be *that* long. After all, the show started airing in 2018 and we’re already five full seasons in. Here’s what we know about when you’ll get another Fab Five fix.

First of All, Season 6 Is Definitely Happening

Right before the world shut down last year, Netflix released a photo of our favorite cast on set in Texas. Not much filming happened before COVID restrictions had everyone stay TF home. But fear not: this season is going to happen one way or another, if the cast has anything to say about it.

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