Gordon Ramsay’s Bank Balance show ‘loses one million viewers’ as fans switch off

Gordon Ramsay has swapped the kitchen for the bright lights of the BBC studios, fronting the brand-new gameshow Bank Balance.

Kicking off last Wednesday, the new series is set to run for 10 episodes, as the 54-year-old chef gives a gaggle of contestants the opportunity to win £100,000.

BBC One awarded the Hell's Kitchen star the primetime slot for the series, competing with the likes of Gogglebox last Friday evening.

Unfortunately, the show's ratings have dropped since its debut, losing one million viewers in just two days, according to The Mirror.

2.7million Brits tuned in to watch the series debut last week, but by Friday, the number reportedly dropped to a disappointing 1.6million.

A source at a rival network reportedly told the publication: "Even if they wanted to stick Ramsay in an earlier slot their hands are tied because of the swearing.

"You can't be impressed with those numbers for 9pm on BBC1."

Daily Star has contacted BBC for comment.

On Twitter, fans found one aspect of the show frustrating, branding the rules of the game show as "confusing".

Answering 12 rounds of questions, the contestants have to balance gold blocks on a four-way seesaw.

If the gold blocks topple, the team is immediately eliminated from the competition, leaving the remaining groups to battle it out.

The more gold blocks a couple accumulates, the higher their chances of losing everything.

Airing post-watershed, host Gordon is free to curse as much as he pleases on the show – part of his trademark as a TV personality.

The culinary whizz has been a fixture on British telly since the millennium, making it big with the launch of Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares in 2004.

Tracking down the worst-kept kitchens in the UK, Gordon tried to revamp each eatery with the help of a camera crew and his notoriously fiery attitude.

Over the years, Gordon has earned a reputation for savage digs, famously slapping two slices of bread on either side of a Hell's Kitchen contestant's face and calling her an "idiot sandwich".

Gordon Ramsay's Bank Balance continues Wednesday at 9pm on BBC One.

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