Happy Mondays Rowetta rages in Covid row on GMB as she hits out at Dr Hilary

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Happy Monday's star Rowetta Idah fumed on Good Morning Britain and insisted she is still going to see Dancing On Ice star Mark 'Bez' Berry on Boxing Day.

During Wednesday's instalment of the ITV morning show, the 55-year-old shared her frustrations with the government as rumours of another festive lockdown loom.

It comes after several pictures and videos have been leaked of government officials enjoying busy Christmas parties during the peak of the global pandemic.

As Prime Minister Boris Johnson faces another scandal, the singer couldn't help but share some of her reasons why she wouldn't be abiding by the governmental advice this year.

While the Omicron variant continues to spread like wildfire, the furious singer shared her confusion over some of the medical guidance given by politicians.

As Ranvir welcomed the singer and fellow broadcaster Jamie East, she searched for their thoughts on the potential for another delayed Christmas.

She asked: “Would anybody be prepared to delay it [Christmas] I mean to go without for longer?

“Rowetta what do you think? Do you think if there was a suggestion that we should maybe delay Christmas until January and just let the NHS get through this winter period at Christmas – what would you say to that?”

It was at this point that the gave her passionate speech explaining her reasons as to why she would not be scaling back this year.

Rowetta replied: “I’d say you can’t move Christmas. Christmas is a religious day anyway, not that I'm very religious, but why should we as well?

“The government can’t cancel Christmas for me because he’ll celebrate it anyway.”

One of her main points was that not everyone has the luxury of having their family members live close by.

She added: “Jamie can celebrate it anyway because he has a lovely family of young children and it’s great if you’ve got extended family you can share it with.

“Not everybody does. I’ve got family, I’ve got Boxng Day with Bez. I’m gonna do that regardless of what Boris says because he has one rule for him and one rule for us.”

The loving mum explained that she would continue to put the health and safety of others first after she shared how she has continued to wear her face mask and respect social distancing consistently over the past two years.

She went on: “We've had so many mixed messages, and I just heard Dr Hilary saying, ‘You can’t save Christmas because last Christmas was cancelled’.

“Yes, you can because I've followed all the rules, all the rules to the letter.”

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