Hard for the Queen Lorraine airs concerns for Queen as she struggles without Philip

Lorraine talks about royals stepping up to help Queen

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On Wednesday’s Lorraine, the ITV host spoke to royal presenter Russell Myers, who was in Jordan for Prince Charles and Camilla’s tour of Egypt. The duo spoke about the couple’s tour as well the Queen, who is currently taking a step back from her royal duties due to her health.

“Prince Edward has been standing in for the Queen,” the host began.

“They’re all going to have to step up a bit and share some of the burden, aren’t they?”

Russell replied: “Definitely and I think that is one of the significances of this tour.

“Charles and Camilla, the first royals to sort of take such a trip.”

He continued: “We haven’t seen the Queen out and about recently. She has had her health troubles of late.

“Unfortunately she had to pull out of the Remembrance Sunday event at the weekend.

“And again she had to pull out of a meeting yesterday. Prince Edward was on hand to give her speech on her behalf.

“Quite poignantly I think she spoke of how slow the passage of time.”

“And it gets us thinking,” the royal expert added. “She has had to take a step back after that hospital stay.

“It is about time she took a little bit of time out. Take it easy on doctor’s orders.

“And the others have to step up and I think we’ll be seeing a lot more of them.”

As the interview came to an end, Lorraine went on to air her worries about how the Queen will cope with spending Christmas without her husband Prince Philip.

On Sunday, Prince Charles took the Queen’s place on Remembrance Sunday.

Lorraine discussed the moment on Monday’s programme with royal editor Roya Nikkhah.

Roya told Lorraine it was an especially poignant time for Charles and remarked how upset he looked.

“We had, of course, the Prince of Wales who turned 73 [on Sunday],” Roya said.

She continued: “We had him laying the wreath on her behalf and he looked a little bit emotional.”

Host Lorraine added she had “never seen him looking this upset.”

Roya added: “Perhaps, you know, the weight of responsibility on his shoulders, he was due to fly out on an overseas tour as well yesterday which happens this week.

“So perhaps, you know, his mother was on his mind on his birthday but she was disappointed to miss it.”

Lorraine airs weekdays at 9 am on ITV.

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