Home and Away’s Ziggy heartbreak as star teases Dean and Amber love triangle

Home and Away star Ziggy Astoni (Sophie Dillman) could be set to have her heart broken once again as her ex-boyfriend Dean Thompson's (Patrick O'Connor) ex Amber (Maddy Jevic) will return to Summer Bay.

Amber and Dean will grow closer together as she tells him that she no longer thinks it's the right decision to keep him away from Jai.

As she agrees to start the process of co-parenting their son, it looks like the pair have finally built bridges.

Dean then fills in Willow, who has recently returned to the Bay, and lets her know that Ziggy and Tane Parata have become a couple since she's been away.

Willow isn't impressed with Ziggy's actions, and hits out at her for her lack of loyalty, and also shares her fear that Ziggy is wasting her time on the wrong guy when Dean is the right man for her.

Ziggy quickly hits back at Willow, letting her know that she's a hypocrite to be lecturing her about loyalty, but have Willow's comments hit a nerve?

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Speaking to Daily Star, Sophie admitted that Ziggy would be heartbroken if Dean got together with his ex, especially as they share a son together.

She would also be left devastated if she knew that Dean went running into the arms of Amber straight after they broke up, as she had been worried about their relationship before Amber went AWOL with Jai.

The Aussie star said: "Love can trump all or it can break and you'll just have to wait and see.

"She would be heartbroken if Dean and Amber got together, that would really break her.

"She had insecurities about the girl from the beginning, she has been cheated on before, and it reiterates her biggest security that she's not good enough.

"There is too much turmoil going on, but let's hope for Ziggy and Dean, that's all I can hope for them.

"You've always got hope and ideas for the characters but it is the writer's decision."

Could Ziggy end up heartbroken as she realises she still has feelings for Dean, despite being with Tane?

Or could Dean and Ziggy realise they're meant to be together and reunite?

Home and Away continues on Monday at 2.15pm on Channel 5.

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