How many baby mamas does Fetty Wap have?

FETTY Wap, who turned 30 in June of 2021, is a rapper, singer, and songwriter.

The artist said he plans to make a comeback in music after keeping a low profile for a few years.

How many baby mamas does Fetty Wap have?

Fetty Wap has at least five baby mamas and six children.

The mothers of his children include Ariel Reese, Lezhae Zeona, Masika Kalysha, and Alexis Skyy, according to In Touch Weekly.

His baby mamas also include dancer and music artist Turquoise Miami, his current girlfriend.

It is believed that Zeona has two children with Fetty.

Kalysha said she was in a hair salon when she found out she was pregnant.

"I'm in the bathroom just doing this just for s***s and giggles because I know it's negative. Peeing on a stick. And I'm about to go back in to get my hair done, and I look down and I'm like 'Jesus,'" the reality TV personality told VHI1, according to In Touch Weekly.

"And I just stayed in the bathroom for a second, and I remember just staring at it.

"Not only did I just find out I was pregnant, but I'm pregnant by Fetty Wap."

Reese has praised Fetty's parenting skills in the past, writing on social media about him and their son:  "I love these Men right here because they both never stop amazing me.

"Aydins Father will always do what ever for him no matter what and Low will always be there for Aydin.

"Co-parenting isn’t always easy but when you put everything aside for your children it’s a wonderful thing to see everyone work together for them."

The father-of-six keeps his private life off of social media so little is known about his relationship with his children.


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