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MURDER fears have been sparked for Tim Metcalfe as he sits at the top of Stephen Reid's hit list.

The serial killer is due for a shocking downfall but will the Coronation Street cabbie survive Super Soap Week?

Who is Tim Metcalfe in Coronation Street?

Born Timothy Osmond Metcalfe, the beloved character is portrayed by actor Joe Duttine and he first rocked up the ITV cobbles in January, 2013.

The son of Geoff Metcalfe and Elaine Jones, Tim's backstory was fully explained in 2020, while his father was about to face his then-estranged wife Yasmeen Nazir in court.

It was revealed that, when Tim was a baby, Geoff had cheated on his mother Elaine with her best friend Tess.

Elaine left Geoff out of fear his abusive ways would only put her and her baby's life in danger and the latter reacted by eradicating her from Tim's life.

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Geoff raised Tim alone with Tess' help, who the cabbie was told was his mother.

In 2002, Tim became a father when he welcomed his daughter Faye Windass into the world.

Sadly, he abandoned her to her heroin-addicted mother Jenny Butler when she was two and he came to regret his decision.

As regular viewers of the Manchester-based drama will know, Faye was adopted by Anna Windass and Tim was eventually given a second chance to bond with his daughter when he moved to Weatherfield in 2013.

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Upon his arrival, Tim embarked on a relationship with Corrie stalwart Sally Webster and bonded with her former husband Kevin Webster.

Although they almost called it quits when Tim's 2004 Las Vegas wedding to Charlie Wood meant his marriage to Sally was bigamous, the pair have one of the strongest relationships in the cobbles to date.

During the first three years of his life in Weatherfield, Tim ran his own window cleaning business with Craig Tinker as his apprentice.

However, he gave the round to Sally's two daughters, Rosie and Sophie, when she bought 50% of Street Cars.

Since then, Tim has become the co-owner of the taxi firm and found himself another close friend in the form of Steve McDonald.

Is Tim Metcalfe leaving Coronation Street?

Death fears have left fans at the edge of their seats as Super Soap Week begins this Monday (October 9, 2023).

Tim heads to the canal this week after spotting serial killer Stephen Reid lurking around the spot for mysterious reasons.

But he's due to make a shocking discovery in the canal, while his wife Sally (portrayed Sally Dynevor) is waiting for him at home.

Unfortunately for him, Stephen Reid (Todd Boyce) catches him and a brutal altercation leaves Tim bloodied as proven by shots of Joe Duttine filming on location.

Could Tim be killed before the criminal makes a quick escape to Thailand?

With his fate up in the air, viewers have been scared to have to say goodbye to Tim Metcalfe.

Speaking about the scenes and Tim's potential on-screen death to, Joe Duttine has not confirmed or denied his own exit and kept the mystery alive.

"Coronation Street’s been absolutely brilliant for me, and it’s been an absolute joy to work on", Joe said.

"So, if that’s the way the character has to go, that’s the way he has to go, and I’ll just be grateful for the time I’ve spent here. Obviously, I’d be incredibly sad, but that’s the nature of the show."

All doubts about Tim's future in the cobbles will be cleared up at the end of Super Soap Week, with Stephen's downfall scheduled for October 13, 2023.

Tim and Stephen have already been involved in an explosive fight, with the latter ending up in hospital but ultimately surviving the showdown.

Will this push Stephen to go overboard when confronting Tim this week?


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What happened between Tim and Stephen Reid in Coronation Street?

Tim and Stephen have a troubled history and it all began with the former's mother, Elaine (Paula Wilcox).

Elaine was instantly smitten with Stephen when he returned to Weatherfield in 2022 but she only managed to get him to commit to her in 2023.

The pair became engaged quickly with Stephen insisting they needed to keep their romance a secret from other residents.

But much like any other secret in the cobbles, everything came to light and Tim was not happy.

Due to her own history with abuse, which was part of her union with Geoff, Elaine was considered vulnerable by Tim and he was determined to protect her from Stephen's bad intentions.

This involved kidnapping Elaine when she was about to take a flight for Las Vegas to elope with the businessman.

Tim insisted something wasn't right with Stephen but Elaine pleaded with him to give her other half a chance.

Unfortunately, just as he was ready to give up on shining a light on Stephen's true nature, Tim's suspicions were confirmed when Elaine found paperwork regarding a life insurance policy filed in her name – and against her will.

It soon transpired that Stephen had made plans to get rid of Elaine and take her fortune as her widower.

At the time, cracks had begun to appear within their relationship as Elaine dreamed of a peaceful, quiet life while Stephen was aiming to live the high life, even if it meant he would have to scam people.

Stephen planned to take over the Underworld factory but with no cash in hand, he had asked Elaine to invest in the business, which she categorically refused.

Elaine tried to break the engagement off, believing Stephen never really loved her but he managed to manipulate her into staying with him, promising a romantic getaway to make it all up to her.

But, as mentioned above, Elaine found what she needed to break free from Stephen before the pair left the cobbles and Tim took matters in his own hands.

Since then, Elaine left Coronation Street but not before warning Jenny Connor (Sally Ann Matthews) as she was rightfully convinced Stephen would make her his next target.

Meanwhile, Tim made it his mission to figure out what Stephen was really up to as he embarked on another relationship with former Rovers Return landlady Jenny Connor.

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And he'll finally get the answers he's been seeking – but will he pay for them with his life?

Coronation Street airs every Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 8pm on ITV.

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