Its my life, I could die GMB panel erupts as guest backs shutting out unvaccinated pals

GMB guests clash over 'unfriending' the unvaxxed

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GB News host Nana Akua appeared on Good Morning Britain to defend Jenifer Aniston’s decision, adding she would also consider ditching friends if they did not have the COVID-19 vaccine. But a fellow guest disagreed, branding the decision “ridiculous” with Ms Akua explaining she had an underlying health condition which her opponent was essentially calling ridiculous. The pair went back and forth with host Kate Garraway forced to interject over the shouting and angry exchange of words.

Appearing on GMB, Ms Akua agreed with Jennifer Aniston and was invited to share her opinions on the debate. 

She explained: “I want to make sure the people around me, who care about me, who I am going to let in my home will do exactly the same for me. 

“I mean there is no greater love than to [lay your life down for a friend].

“The things you are saying and suggesting that it is ridiculous that I don’t want people around me unvaccinated but you are not coming from…”

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Ms Akua was interrupted by her fellow guest and demanded she could “finish”.

She continued: “You cannot respond to something you haven’t heard, can I finish?

“You do not understand, I have an underlying health condition and I need to defend myself.

“You are talking as if it is ridiculous, I have Lupus, that could kill me if I catch that virus.

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“So what you’re making out is ridiculous is actually my life and I am not telling you as a friend what to say, I’m telling you would never be in my friend circle because my friends take 100 percent care of me.”

Ms Garraway attempted to calm things down by pointing out the argument was against those who do not have underlying health conditions.

Jennifer Aniston revealed she has cut out some of her friends because they refuse to take the vaccine, adding she is concerned they may pass on variants to her. 

She explained to fans on social media that despite having two vaccines she did not want the worry of potentially passing on or hosting a variant that could hurt her and the people around her. 

She explained: “I may get slightly sick but I will not be admitted to a hospital and or die.

“But I can give it to someone else who does not have the vaccine and whose health is compromised or has a previous existing condition – and therefore I would put their lives at risk.”

The decision sparked huge conversations online over whether it was right for people to do such a thing. 

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