Jack Nicholson Replaced By Jim Carrey in Creepily Seamless 'The Shining' Deepfake

“Heeeeeere’s Jimmy!”

You know what’s creepier than "The Shining"? How convincing Deepfake videos are becoming.

A pair of digitally altered clips from the classic horror film has gone viral after digital wizards replaced Jack Nicholson with Jim Carrey — and it is seamless.

The scenes were created by the YouTube channel Ctrl Shift Face, who specialize in Deepfakes — the process of superimposing one person’s face onto a videoclip of another.


The infamous scenes SHOULD show Nicholson’s Jack Torrance tormenting wife Shelley Duvall at the Overlook Hotel from the Stanley Kubrick/Stephen King masterpiece.

Instead it shows a deranged Carrey — who is already renowned for his superb Jack Nicholson impression — slip flawlessly into the role in his place.

Deepfakes use a machine learning technique that identifies markers on an existing video of one person, and using a database of photographs and/or video of a second person, can render the later’s visage onto the former’s.

The faked videos are swiftly becoming more and more convincing, and are already raising moral and legal questions regarding fake pornography and revenge porn, fake news and malicious hoaxes.

Ctrl Shift Face has several other impressive examples, including Bill Murray doing R Lee Ermey’s "This is my rifle, this is my gun" in "Full Metal Jacket", Sylvester Stallone as the Terminator, and David Bowie singing Rick Astley’s "Never Gonna Give You Up"

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