James Bond Rami Malek: Freddie Mercury inspired No Time To Die villain

No Time to Die: Final international trailer for new Bond film

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Rami Malek has already made his mark on Hollywood in the past few years. The 40-year-old star received universal praise for his performance in the Queen biopic Bohemian Rhapsody, where he played Freddie Mercury, and eventually garnered a Best Actor Oscar in 2019. His latest blockbuster, No Time To Die, finishes off Daniel Craig’s James Bond series.

In the movie, Malek plays Safin, a terrifying villain with a bone to pick with Spectre, and indeed 007.

A lot of mystery surrounded Safin and his malevolent desires in the movie, but the American star revealed he felt so sure about the role after playing Mercury.

Malek said in a new interview: “If I hadn’t played Freddie, I don’t know that I would have had the confidence to walk in on day one with Daniel and give it to him straight like that.”

He added: “As I’ve gotten older I’ve really learned not to get so stuck in my ways. I used to have ideas for roles and come in and just want to exact those moments as I had prepared them in my bedroom. Playing Freddie Mercury gave me a bit more freedom.” (Via Empire)

Comparing both Mercury and Safin, Malek confessed: “This guy’s so unpredictable and spontaneous, and that’s what makes him so fascinating.

“I guess the only thing I would say I carried over is a bit of that unpredictability.”

Speaking about his acting style in Bohemian Rhapsody, Malek went on: “That happened with Freddie at times, when you just marshal some form of leadership and gravitas.

“So I would like to think that having the Oscar would enhance that, but I also would like to say that there’s something that was always in me that allowed me to just excel in those moments of sheer fear and chaos. I really do thrive in chaos.”

Queen: Freddie Mercury performs Bohemian Rhapsody in 1981

Malek was the final villain in Craig’s Bond era, and was, in turn, the final hurdle he had to overcome in the series.

All eyes are now on who the next Bond will be in the series going forward.

Bond boss Barbara Broccoli recently said it “will be a man,” after rumours hit a woman might take Craig’s place.

Further rumours suggested the likes of Idris Elba would take over.

Elba was asked directly about whether he would become Bond on the red carpet for his new movie, The Harder They Fall.

The British star replied: “No I’m not going to be James Bond.”

He was then quizzed over whether he actually wanted to become the big-screen hero.

He responded: “Who wouldn’t? How amazing would it be to have a Black James Bond? It’s a sign of the times when we can stop talking about black, white, and colour.”

Meanwhile, the now-former Bond, Craig, has better things to think about than who will take over from him.

When asked his opinion on who should take over, Craig told a reporter: “Not my problem.”

He was then quizzed on if he would miss the franchise. He said: “Sure, yeah.”

James Bond No Time To die is in cinemas now.


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